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Jan Buildings Minutes 2020

Buildings Committee Minutes

Jan 14th, 2020

Attendance - Thomas, Taften, Drew, Julia, Sue, Garry, Corey, Alyssa in attendance

Next Meeting - Feb 12 2020 @ 7 PM

New Business

Safety and Security discussion held for that sub-committee. Votes and recommendations can come directly from the sub-committee to the board, many of the same members on both committees.

Sharper Management Discussion as it relates to buildings fixes and needs

  • Move to the Buildings-management package that Sharper offers

  • Google Form results

  • Brief summary of Julia’s work: Speaking with Sharper to take us on as a full client at this time

Speaking with Tony @ Atlas; not really seeing the level of leadership there to move forward

Another option besides Sharper: First Residential is also a possible option as well

Next steps: updates from Julia weekly from each contact as they revert to her

  • Full Update from Julia regarding building management help:

  • 1) SHARPER: Michele Stephans at Sharper has received our structure report and I have asked her if they can step up to help us plan, project manage, prioritize and secure vendors to help us solve our issues. This is an extra package and service that we would need to add to our existing agreement. She is working with her boss Dan and will get back to me this week on how they can help. They may be partnering with ATLAS.

  • 2) ATLAS: I have also sent report to Tony at ATLAS and really emphasized the urgency of our issues. He has acknowledged the urgency and is working through the info on the report and will write up a proposal. He said he should have something back to us in about 3 weeks. I stressed to him the urgency and we can't just sit passively with these issues. We need to get a plan of action now so we may start when the weather permits in the spring. This morning there 3 guys from ATLAS walking around in the yard taking a look at our buildings so that is progress. They have also seen the structure report that I sent to him.

  • 3) FIRST RESIDENTIAL: I have also reached out to Laura and Sean at First Residential as another option in case others do not work out. They have not accepted working with us but they have the reports from the structure engineers and are fully aware of our needs and reviewing it now. They already said typically they do not take smaller associations like ours, but are willing to consider it. A note on this as they are probably by far the most experienced and capable of helping with the issues that we face with our buildings. They may not be the cheapest option but they may be the best for our needs. Also note, if they can help us and we decide to go with them, we would need to leave Sharper as they will need to have control over both Financial and building management.

  • 4) Woody starting on the panels to open up my bedroom walls 1811#3 to address any water intrusion issue for the short term. Long term is prevention that is part of the structure report.

  • Also, note: that I am hearing figures of upward around 1 million dollars to address the structure issues on this report. I believe none of these are optional, but I am hoping whoever we hire to help us can help prioritize what needs to be done first and we can create a long-term plan over the next few years on addressing each of these depending on the urgency. Unfortunately, most of these are urgent, so this will be difficult.

  • Also, heads up is that there is a high probability that we will need to get a home equity loan to pay for these repairs. Hopefully Sharper or if we go with First Residential will help secure this with our bank. In addition, raising our Coop carrying charges is also highly probable.

Garbage lock and 1811 lock malfunction

  • 1811 gate lock is fixed. He said most likely was frozen. Sprayed into both sides and managed to get it loose.

  • The garbage lock is being repaired currently, but still functions until repairs are completed. He, Dana, needed to take two tumblers with him and will be coming back with parts. Also added a spacer to the mechanism on the fence itself to make sure it is secured when shut.

  • 1807 front door is fixed now, 1.6.20.

Structural engineer

  • Criterium Schimnowski sent over report. That can be viewed here

Creation of 2020 Housing Inspection for CVC

  • Assemble list of oldest units (in terms of occupancy agreement) for inspection in 2020

  • Start with Board & Buildings Committee leads

  • Create housing inspection checklist for each unit to go through

  • Confidentiality: Reporting is limited to items on checklist per occupancy agreement, and kept only to inspector/board

  • Only major maintenance, safety concerns or inspections would need to be shared

Approved Active Projects - Link to All Active Buildings Projects

  • Washer & dryer issues

  • Working with BDS to get them continually repaired/maintained

  • Structural engineer

  • Inspection notes - you can comment on this document, I can then approve the suggested change

  • Alyssa Thompson, Julia Ryan, and back of 1801 leaky windows issue

  • Have already met with and can getting bids/more info from: (1) Midwest, (2) Empire (won’t bid for this work and recommends new windows for all of CVC), (3) ARS/Think Stucco, to repair/correct these issues. (4) Atlas doesn’t bid but will give us a work cap and hourly rate for the projects and bring in a stucco expert.

  • Atlas: Work (Tony) on Roof and Gutter lip: Done

  • 2 invoices: one for lip being added, cables being secured and one for roof repairs. Lift costs were $1,200.

  • Roof Photos

  • Acme: New bid on general tuckpointing work

  • Base Bid - $7,800.00

  • Committee moves that we accept the bid and get board approval to execute

  • Needs further discussion after walk through with engineer, since Acme’s scope is limited

Project Bids Pending Approval

  • Carpet replacement

  • Bid 1: One bid from Nadja, Magic Carpets

  • Intercom replacement

  • Cody’s bids - Total Fire & Alarm | Security Solutions

  • Taften’s bid

Projects Needing Bids

  • Motion Lights and Security Camera installation

  • Bid #1

  • Bid #2

  • Cody’s camera bids: Total Fire & Alarm | Security Solutions

  • Google Form results - interest in security camera

  • Removal of Old Fire Alarm System

  • Bid #1

  • Bid #2

  • The City (311) may also be able to take care of this as well; they need to be properly disposed of

  • These can also be kept in place as well…?

  • Dryer Lint Vent Pipes need to be cleaned out

  • Vent Guys

  • Vents-R-us, Ryan - called again today, never got a bid

  • Wall behind the electrical panels in 1807 needs to be cut open and investigated for moisture problem. The area is soft to the touch and looks like repeated water damage.

  • Window replacement - this is a link to add any window issues you are experiencing

  • Re-do of the front entryways/entrances

One-Off Maintenance Activities

  • Create video for how to maintain existing TransAlarm security controls and features

  • Still looking into laundry room risers that are not super-flimsy

  • Install plastic corners in all hallways

Regular Maintenance Activities

  • All doors and common windows cleaned

  • Hallway vacuuming

  • Cleaning Laundry Rooms, wiping down the machines, sweeping floors, washing floors (and walls as needed)

  • Washing Machines: Only use Liquid High Efficiency Detergent (No powders as they clog up the machine)

  • Hallway mats dusted and deep-cleaned (Time for new ones unless we can get new carpets soon)

  • Broken/busted light bulbs fixed (Write the date on the light bulb so we know how fast they are burning out)

  • Scuffs/marks on hallways walls wiped/cleaned away (If you are a bike owner, the tires mark up the walls quick)

  • Please leave active spider webs! Spiders are friends, bugs are not; on this, we and spider-folk are agreed,

  • Winter: Please use pet-friendly salt in the back and side yard walks for our furry four-legged residents!

  • Winter mostly: Silicon lubricant on all locks to prevent freezing/water accumulation. Silicon lock lubricant is the only recommended product from TransAlarm. (NOT Recommended: De-icer, WD40, graphite lubricant)

  • Fall: Boiler cleaning and activation - Doug K

  • Spring: Boiler cleaning and shutdown - Doug K

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