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Dec '19 - Buildings Minutes

Buildings Committee Minutes

Dec 10th, 2019

Attendance - Drew, Leif, Alyssa, Mike, Cody, Julia, Nadja, Heidi, Garry, Taften, Thomas, Jamil, Mark in attendance

Next Meeting - Tuesday January 14th 2020 @ 7 PM

New Business

Attempted Break-in of 1811 #1 Through Alleyway

  • Seeking bids from possible companies to install additional motion-sensitive lighting and cameras

  • Residents, please note! All main-floor windows are sliding windows, which can be accessible externally! Double-check your windows and consider a Charlie bar or crossbar

  • Val may have a possible bid; we welcome bids from any other residents!

  • Grounds: Can any trees or bushes be removed to clear the area? A: Not really…

  • Grounds: Could possibly thorny or sharp plants be placed there? A: Possibly…

  • Cameras: Can we set up cameras in our unit? Yes-- recommended as its really the only thing to do for recourse; recently a Tesla car in the back lot caught someone rifling through a neighbor’s car!

Sharper Management Discussion as it relates to buildings fixes and needs

  • Move to the Buildings-management package that Sharper offers

Creation of 2020 Housing Inspection for CVC

  • Assemble list of oldest units (in terms of occupancy agreement) for inspection in 2020

  • Start with Board & Buildings Committee leads

  • Create housing inspection checklist for each unit to go through

  • Confidentiality: Reporting is limited to items on checklist per occupancy agreement, and kept only to inspector/board

  • Only major maintenance, safety concerns or inspections would need to be shared

Approved Active Projects - Link to All Active Buildings Projects

  • Washer & dryer issues

  • Working with BDS to get them continually repaired/maintained

  • Structural engineer

  • Inspection notes - you can comment on this document, I can then approve the suggested change

  • Update: Nothing yet to report, nothing from Criterium Schimnowski

  • Alyssa Thompson, Julia Ryan, and back of 1801 leaky windows issue

  • Have already met with and can getting bids/more info from: (1) Midwest, (2) Empire (won’t bid for this work and recommends new windows for all of CVC), (3) ARS/Think Stucco, to repair/correct these issues. (4) Atlas doesn’t bid but will give us a work cap and hourly rate for the projects and bring in a stucco expert.

  • Atlas: Work (Tony) on Roof and Gutter lip: Done

  • 2 invoices: one for lip being added, cables being secured and one for roof repairs. Lift costs were $1,200.

  • Roof Photos

  • Acme: New bid on general tuckpointing work

  • Base Bid - $7,800.00

  • Committee moves that we accept the bid and get board approval to execute

  • Needs further discussion after walk through with engineer, since Acme’s scope is limited

Project Bids Pending Approval

  • Carpet replacement

  • Bid 1: One bid from Nadja, Magic Carpets

  • Intercom replacement

  • Cody’s bid

  • Taften’s bid

Projects Needing Bids

  • Motion Lights and Security Camera installation

  • Bid #1

  • Bid #2

  • Removal of Old Fire Alarm System

  • Bid #1

  • Bid #2

  • The City (311) may also be able to take care of this as well; they need to be properly disposed of

  • These can also be kept in place as well…?

  • Dryer Lint Vent Pipes need to be cleaned out

  • Vent Guys

  • Vents-R-us, Ryan - called again today, never got a bid

  • Wall behind the electrical panels in 1807 needs to be cut open and investigated for moisture problem. The area is soft to the touch and looks like repeated water damage.

  • Window replacement - this is a link to add any window issues you are experiencing

  • Re-do of the front entryways/entrances

One-Off Maintenance Activities

  • Create video for how to maintain existing TransAlarm security controls and features

  • Still looking into laundry room risers that are not super-flimsy

  • Install plastic corners in all hallways

Regular Maintenance Activities

  • All doors and common windows cleaned

  • Hallway vacuuming

  • Cleaning Laundry Rooms, wiping down the machines, sweeping floors, washing floors (and walls as needed)

  • Washing Machines: Only use Liquid High Efficiency Detergent (No powders as they clog up the machine)

  • Hallway mats dusted and deep-cleaned (Time for new ones unless we can get new carpets soon)

  • Broken/busted light bulbs fixed (Write the date on the light bulb so we know how fast they are burning out)

  • Scuffs/marks on hallways walls wiped/cleaned away (If you are a bike owner, the tires mark up the walls quick)

  • Please leave active spider webs! Spiders are friends, bugs are not; on this, we and spider-folk are agreed,

  • Winter: Please use pet-friendly salt in the back and side yard walks for our furry four-legged residents!

  • Winter mostly: Silicon lubricant on all locks to prevent freezing/water accumulation. Silicon lock lubricant is the only recommended product from TransAlarm. (NOT Recommended: De-icer, WD40, graphite lubricant)

  • Fall: Boiler cleaning and activation - Doug K

  • Spring: Boiler cleaning and shutdown - Doug K

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