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Sept '19 - Buildings Minutes

Buildings Meeting Minutes

Sept 3rd, 2019

Attendance: Thomas, Leif, Taften, Sara, Drew, Nadja, Sue in attendance

New Business:

  • Two laundry machines in 1807

  • may need repair: one has a broken hinge and one will not start on Bright setting.

Approved Active Projects - Link to All Active Buildings Projects

  • Structural engineer

  • Inspection notes - you can comment on this document, I can then approve the suggested change.

  • Shannon Wersal selling her unit & uncovered issues

  • Need moisture testing and water intrusion specialist to prove the issue is fixed

  • Update: moisture testing done on 8/5/19 but still waiting for the report

  • Alyssa Thompson leaky windows issue

  • Need moisture testing and water intrusion specialist

  • Have Structure Tech schedule for Monday Aug 5 at 10:30am

  • Boiler maintenance

  • Continue to have our in house service person or start using the Sharper Management company

  • Need open communication and accountability for work done and reporting that to the board

  • Foundation inspection

  • Safe Basements: High bids typically, never got back to us

  • Standard Water Control Systems: - Shannon contacted on 7/11, did not hear back

  • Final Solutions Waterproofing, update?

  • Innovative Basement Solutions, update?

  • American Waterworks, update?

  • Brown's Basement, update?

  • Moisture Testing

  • Malind from Structure Tech came out today. We will have a full report from him soon. While inspecting the window that has been leaking in Alyssa's unit, he noticed that there is no flashing at the top to allow for any moisture that has gotten behind the stucco. This may be from a window up above that window. The water is getting behind the stucco and then traveling down the wall right behind the stucco.

  • He also had some bad news to report in regards to moisture and their professional advice on how to take care of the limestone foundation. Basically, he recommends that we continue with patching and repairing the limestone walls in the storage units, and everywhere in the basement. This should be done behind the walls in the finished sections on a regular basis, like we do in the other parts of the basement with crumbling limestone. (Yikes to hear that) We need to focus on keeping moisture out and keeping the wall that we have together and stable. Being able to see and have access to that is crucial. At the very least, having large access panels in those rooms that are in the basement and share a wall with the foundation. He would also suggest continuing to search along the back wall for additional foundation issues due to the evidence of water we are seeing from moisture testing along the back walls.

  • Moisture was found in every area that was tested along the back wall, in Val's unit, Shannon's, Julia's, the archive room, Alyssa's unit. I don't think any of them are considered active leaks but there is water getting in, it's not drying out and it's causing problems. Even if it is seeping slowly in, over time, it will damage the property.

  • Gutters/Drainage system

  • Roofing fix, get a drone

  • Drain System:

  • Drew Gardner

  • Gutters:

  • Royal Gutters coming out Friday, Aug

  • Royal Gutters were out on Friday. They repaired the gutter in the back of 1807. Now we need a good rain to be sure that the whole system is operational again. We also have a bid from them for the gutter between 1811 and 1807, in the front, that needs to be replaced. Here is there bid for the gutter covers to be installed and the need downspout.​

  • Estimate_1115_from_Royal_Gutters_LLC.pdf

  • ​If we get another bid soon to compare, please let me know.

  • Minehaha Gutter Maintenance - not able to help with repair

  • Bill from Sheridan Sheetmetal - not able to help with repair

  • Nadja with a company to put caps on the gutters to prevent squirrels from getting in - can still bring the bid and compare it to Royal Gutters

  • Cutting Edge Sewer and Drains

  • They took video and showed us to confirm that we had blockages and then Jetted all 7 lines with high pressure to remove the debris. Needs to be a biannual maintenance, minimum. We can do the main drain and then the gutter drainage system on alternate years.

  • 1811 south-side tuckpointing repair

  • Thomas pinged Claude September 3 to ask for urgent scheduling of tuckpointing work

Project Bids Pending Approval

  • Carpet replacement

  • Bid 1: One bid from Nadja, need to find details and not sure if bid still good

  • Building management company

  • Document signed and returned, planning on engaging with them first week of October

Projects Needing Bids

  • Window replacement - this is a link to add any window issues you are experiencing

  • Intercom replacement - I’ve (Cody) worked with two vendors and received two separate quotes. And think Taften had one additional quote

  • White painting on roof

  • Front doors re-do

  • (Ongoing) Storage unit corrections

One-Off Maintenance Activities

  • Create video for how to maintain existing TransAlarm security controls and features

  • Install the 1811 laundry room riser

  • Install plastic corners in all hallways

Regular Maintenance Activities

  • All Doors and common windows cleaned

  • Hallway vacuuming

  • Hallway mats dusted and deep-cleaned (Time for new ones unless we can get new carpets soon)

  • Broken/busted light bulbs fixed (Write the date on the light bulb so we know how fast they are burning out)

  • Scuffs/marks on hallways walls wiped/cleaned away (If you are a bike owner, the tires mark up the walls quick)

  • Dusting/removal of cobwebs

  • Winter mostly: Silicon lubricant on external gate locks to prevent freezing/water accumulation. Silicon lock lubricant is the recommended product from TransAlarm.

  • Fall: Boiler cleaning and activation

  • Spring: Boiler cleaning and shutdown

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