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May '19 Buildings Minutes

Buildings Committee Minutes

Date: May 7, 2019 (was April 23, 2019)

Attendance - Thomas, Taften, Cody, Julia, Nadja, Drew attending

New Business

  • Hot water heater issue in 1801 losing heat between 6am-7am

  • What’s the current temperature on 1801 water heater? Taften to increase temperature on the 1801

  • It is inconsistent; Cody to reach out to 1801 to see if we can change things like dishwashing schedule

  • 2018 first year of anticipated replacement of water heater; is that the 1801 water heater?

  • Toilet leaking in members unit of 1807, into laundry room of 1807

  • Taften’s been in contact with unit member, as well as to Erik Nelson Plumbing

  • Going to Google new options if we cannot get EN Plumbing out ASAP

  • Can Thumbtack be a potential source for a new plumber?

  • Criminal Background check, find a service for just the criminal background without the credit check

  • To be sent to Membership & Marketing committee

  • Squirrels getting stuck in the gutters, need to have open gutters… open a hole for now until gutter replacement

  • Taften to look into roofing covers and cleaning; Julia sending link to Taften

  • Closed versus open gutters

  • May want to get in touch with drainage system designer:

  • If you bring new business without giving me notice, then please be prepared to speak on the issue, the solutions, and/or what work/time you are willing to put into the problem/solution.

  • All quotes & quotes for work required to include

  • Window issues, please report window issues here.

Buildings Project List

  • Window replacement project

  • Window issues appear to be intermittent, but could be replaced on a case-by-case basis

  • Thomas to survey members in regards to Windows issues AND building project priority

  • Empire provided the last recommendation for Window fixing

  • 1811 south-side tuckpointing work

  • Pending Claude for scheduling for tuckpointing!

  • All residents! Be on the lookout for ANY potential new needs for tuckpointing!

  • Intercom improvement/replacement project

  • Seeking approvable bids from any vendor at this stage

  • Interim: Bilbaughs have some specialized tools to clean the intercoms, notify them of any issues!

  • Structural engineer review

  • Pictures from Dal’s unit, Nadja’s unit, Cody’s Unit, Taften’s Unit. Shannon and Chris H have reported no cracks. No others have reported an issue.

  • Possible that this is individual walls, may need a wall anchor; TBD by structural engineer

  • Need structural engineer & bid

  • Carpet replacement bid

  • Bid in summary, which does include replacements to the basement carpet (+15% discount)

  • Vinyl carpet: $25,531 (better-looking material and lasts longer)

  • Polypropylene carpet: $20,844 (cheaper, doesn’t look as good)

  • White roof painting bid

  • Nadja to forward any information onwards to committee

  • Likely to be done at the next time we replace the roof; we cannot simply ‘paint it white’

  • Buildings Efficiency Report, discuss with Corey

Short-Term Projects

Any and all residents and neighbors can help with these! Thank you if you are willing and able to take these on -- please send me a note via email, text message or phone call to notify me that this is being worked on!

  1. Trans Alarm - Instructional videos & materials need to be completed

  2. Light in front of 1801 pedestal light out

  3. Drain pipe covers for the roof

  4. Mess in between 1811 and 1807

  5. Plastic corners in the hallways

  6. New security light at the back corner of 1807

Long-term Projects

These projects are long-term projects that any resident can also commit time & effort to as able.

  1. Laundry Room Risers: Ordered test riser, delivering May 13 for testing

  2. State Farm policy changes: Drew communicating with a lawyer

  3. 2020: Acquire bids for unit front door re-do

  4. Storage Units redone: Running list: 1807 #4 Storage unit

  5. Fence door locks need silicone-based WD40 lubricant to prevent freezing / sticking (monthly/winter)

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