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Nov '19 - Buildings Minutes

Buildings Committee Minutes

Nov 12th, 2019

Attendance - Thomas, Taften, Corey, Drew, Alyssa, Nadja in attendance

Next Meeting: Dec 10th, 2019

New Business

  • Nadja - Contractor update

  • Nadja to send Taften the details in regards to this separate bid

New Business

  • Julia: Did the DBS foundation/membrane ever get back to us?

  • Discussion of mandatory housing inspections: already outlined as a CVC option in the occupancy agreements, for units not sold in the last 3 years. Units are not the property of the member, the unit is the property of CVC and we have the right to make sure they are being kept up, for the overall value and safety of all members.

  • Bathtub leak issue in 1811 for laundry room heat detector: Update - This work is complete and Woody has been contacted to come and fix the holes. Woody called Life Safety Systems to discuss a waterproof barrier on top. It is not an option. The holes will be fixed by Woody soon.

  • Leaking Sink from Kris T. unit 1801 #3 Similar issue, but with a kitchen sink, an old fire alarm system that was never removed in 1801 on Tuesday Nov 5th. Garry followed up with Tina at Life Safety Systems and a Tech came out.

  • Option to committee: Proposal for oldest units to be inspected in order of date, with 20+ oldest units inspected

  • Residents can choose to have their unit inspected by inspector/CVC rep of their choice

  • Install the 1811 laundry room riser - Cody set up the riser from Walmart but it is very flimsy

  • Looking for a new, fully-encased riser part

  • Looking for help! Either new/alternative products or vendors to help us out

  • Just want to try one riser to see if it works/functions

  • Non-storage unit foundation patching: water shutoff rooms need to get bid from Woody for patching and repair

  • Recommendation: Woody to patch/correct issues where drywall is in contact with limestone

  • If your unit is below-grade, and facing drywall crumbling/water damage: this is YOU!

Winter Seasonal Updates

  • Shovels and salt put out by Marshall and Taften

  • Puppy-friendly ice melt: Should order 2 more 20lb bags

  • Please only use silicon based lubricant on external gate locks to prevent freezing/water accumulation. Silicon lock lubricant is the recommended product from TransAlarm. It is in the 1807 storage room.

Approved Active Projects - Link to All Active Buildings Projects

  • Structural engineer

  • Inspection notes - you can comment on this document, I can then approve the suggested change

  • 11/12 Update: Rough estimate is now 3,800-5,000, for a full day with 2 engineers, scoping and full report, approx 15hrs total. If we have only a few problems, then it will be cheaper. Same hourly rate as before, $300. There is a customer information form that I will fill out and send back. This is higher than the original estimate, because we have the moisture report now and more known issues. They have been given all the documents we have, and have been updated on our current issues. They will need access to all foundation areas, and roof to start. Meaning, they want access to every wall that is part of the foundation. The tentative date is set for Nov 25th. Michelle made is very clear that they are willing to work with us, knowing our unique situation as a co-op, and are willing to be flexible with the date, as to incorporate Atlas. We get inspection notes, photos, assessments, scope of work and a full final report. Bonuses: 2 for the price of 1 engineers, detailed report within weeks, worked with several HOAs recently.

  • Taften to contact Criterium to see if they can come up with a competitive bid

  • Update: they came out on 11.18.19 and gave us this new bid.

  • Alyssa Thompson, Julia Ryan, and back of 1801 leaky windows issue

  • Have already met with and can getting bids/more info from: (1) Midwest, (2) Empire (won’t bid for this work and recommends new windows for all of CVC), (3) ARS/Think Stucco, to repair/correct these issues. (4) Atlas doesn’t bid but will give us a work cap and hourly rate for the projects and bring in a stucco expert.

  • Atlas: Work (Tony) on Roof: Coming out 11/15 to finish work

  • Where’s the bid - Where’s the cost? Update from Taften after the meeting: Bid here for the roof repairs, and here is the bid for the lip being added, the cables being secured to prevent ice build up, etc.

  • Where’s the approval? If this was signed/approved by Julia - notice to residents?

  • Response and Update from Taften after meeting: The lip being added to the gutters and securing the cables both fall under water intrusion, as was discussed at the Sept board meeting, and was approved at the board meeting in Aug.(No electronic Aug Meeting Minutes) As for the roof repairs, the problems were found just before Oct 14th, and he sent the report on the 14th. I don’t see anything in the Oct board meeting minutes for a vote to go forward with repairs. I apologize for missing that board approval. Roofing isn’t something that can wait. We have no other company for roof repairs. Holes, even small ones, need to be addressed quickly. If anyone has another Firestone Certified Roofing company who will come out this week to repair these holes and problems, please forward me their contact info. We have been discussing needing a new roofing company since Summer of 2018, and have not heard from any member in regards to this.

  • New reporting structure against planned overall budget? Thomas to reach out to Julia

  • Update from Taften after meeting: The concept here is that Atlas will be getting a scope of work from the engineers. The engineers are coming out, going over the blueprints, pictures, and the water intrusion report to give us a full scope of work to be done. Atlas would then use that to start scheduling repairs and work to be done. They don’t bid jobs out with a total, they set a cap price and give the hourly rate, which has increased to $80 an hour. We need a contracting company to help us, or a management company who can take over managing buildings and buildings issues until things have calmed at CVC in regards to repairs and water intrusion. 1 or 2 people can’t do everything that is needed here with our current situation.

  • I always try my best to get information forwarded and into everyone’s hands. I am only human though. Mistakes are going to happen, and the work still needs to get done.

  • Moisture apparently is collecting at some points on the roof; this may bear investigating, reported as seen on google earth.

  • Acme: New bid on general tuckpointing work

  • 1811 Building: Allowance to replace 5 individual brick with new closely matching brick. Allowance to tuckpoint 10SF of deteriorated mortar joints at 2 locations with new mortar.

  • 1807 Building: Allowance to replace 35 individual brick with new closely matching brick. Allowance to tuckpoint 10SF of deteriorated mortar joints as necessary below window sills with new mortar.

  • 1801 Building Allowance to replace 20 individual brick with new closely matching brick. Allowance to tuckpoint 5SF of deteriorated mortar joints below 2nd floor window sills as necessary with new mortar. Base Bid - $7,800.00

  • Committee moves that we accept the bid and get board approval to execute

Project Bids Pending Approval

  • Carpet replacement

  • Bid 1: One bid from Nadja, Magic Carpets

  • Intercom replacement

  • Cody’s bid

  • Taften’s bid

Projects Needing Bids

  • Wall behind the electrical panels in 1807 needs to be cut open and investigated for moisture problem. The area is soft to the touch and looks like repeated water damage.

  • Window replacement - this is a link to add any window issues you are experiencing

  • White painting on roof - Not recommended by roofing company. Will discuss with Atlas at next roof maintenance

  • Re-do of the front entryways/entrances

One-Off Maintenance Activities

  • Create video for how to maintain existing TransAlarm security controls and features

  • Install the 1811 laundry room riser - Cody set up the riser from Walmart but it is very flimsy

  • Install plastic corners in all hallways

Regular Maintenance Activities

  • All doors and common windows cleaned

  • Hallway vacuuming

  • Cleaning Laundry Rooms, wiping down the machines, sweeping floors, washing floors (and walls as needed)

  • Washing Machines: Only use Liquid High Efficiency Detergent (No powders as they clog up the machine)

  • Hallway mats dusted and deep-cleaned (Time for new ones unless we can get new carpets soon)

  • Broken/busted light bulbs fixed (Write the date on the light bulb so we know how fast they are burning out)

  • Scuffs/marks on hallways walls wiped/cleaned away (If you are a bike owner, the tires mark up the walls quick)

  • Please leave active spider webs! Spiders are friends, bugs are not; on this, we and spider-folk are agreed,

  • Winter mostly: Silicon lubricant on all locks to prevent freezing/water accumulation. Silicon lock lubricant is the only recommended product from TransAlarm. (NOT Recommended: De-icer, WD40, graphite lubricant)

  • Fall: Boiler cleaning and activation - Doug K

  • Spring: Boiler cleaning and shutdown - Doug K

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