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Oct '19 - Buildings Minutes

Buildings Committee Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2019

Attendance Thomas, Taften, Alyssa, Drew, Cody, Jamil

New Business

Water drainage issue with unit in 1811 and caused heat detector to malfunction

Jamil has contractor coming at Thursday 10/9 10 AM to come and correct

Approved Active Projects - Link to All Active Buildings Projects

  • Two laundry machines in 1807

  • Called BDS and a tech will be out tomorrow or Thursday this week.

  • Structural engineer

  • Inspection notes - you can comment on this document, I can then approve the suggested change

  • Expected to schedule structural engineer within next 2-3 weeks

  • Alyssa Thompson leaky windows issue

  • Julia Ryan also has reported leaking above-window

  • Seeking bids from (1) Midwest, (2) Empire, (3) ARS and (4) Atlas to repair/correct these issues

  • Foundation inspection

  • DBS coming out tomorrow, 10/9/19 at 10am

  • Secondary bid for foundation inspection

  • Moisture Testing Report

  • Gutters/Drainage system

  • Per Email from Julia regarding Atlas:

  • Coming out tomorrow Wed 10/9/19 to finish the job. Plan is:

  • Fill gap between new PVC downspout behind 1807 and drain into the ground.

  • Will bundle cables dangling from back of 1811 tight and attached to downspout to prevent icicles.

  • Will put lip on gutters on roof to prevent water from coming over the top (1811 and 1801 only because 1807 gutters are different and probably won't need the lip added)

  • Drew Gardner’s company gave us a bid to scratch our current system, and go above ground only

  • Royal Gutters were out again to set up the downspout outside Val’s unit and to put a cap on that basin pvc opening.

  • Cutting edge sewer and drains: They took video and showed us to confirm that we had blockages and then jetted all 7 lines with high pressure to remove the debris. Needs to be a biannual maintenance, minimum. We can do the main drain and then the gutter drainage system on alternate years.

  • I recommend that we don’t do the drain jetting again, reasons:

  • The debris has no place to go, it just gets washed and pushed around underground

  • It adds to our water already in the basin, especially problematic during wet seasons

  • Doesn’t seem to solve the problem, adds to our maintenance activities

  • We need a solution to clean the basins or scratch that system and go with a new one next year

  • Option is several openings to be installed, allowing us to clean out the area of debris

  • 1811 south-side tuckpointing repair and window sealants on 1811 south wall

  • Completed!

  • Reached out already to ask about general tuckpointing work (all 3 buildings)

Project Bids Pending Approval

  • Carpet replacement

  • Bid 1: One bid from Nadja, need to find details and not sure if bid still good

  • Building management company

  • Document signed and returned, planning on engaging with them first week of November

  • Intercom replacement

  • Cody’s bid

  • Taften’s bid

Projects Needing Bids

  • Window replacement - this is a link to add any window issues you are experiencing

  • White painting on roof

  • Front doors re-do

  • (Ongoing) Storage unit corrections

One-Off Maintenance Activities

  • Create video for how to maintain existing TransAlarm security controls and features

  • Install the 1811 laundry room riser

  • Install plastic corners in all hallways

Regular Maintenance Activities

  • All Doors and common windows cleaned

  • Hallway vacuuming

  • Hallway mats dusted and deep-cleaned (Time for new ones unless we can get new carpets soon)

  • Broken/busted light bulbs fixed (Write the date on the light bulb so we know how fast they are burning out)

  • Scuffs/marks on hallways walls wiped/cleaned away (If you are a bike owner, the tires mark up the walls quick)

  • Dusting/removal of cobwebs

  • Winter mostly: Silicon lubricant on external gate locks to prevent freezing/water accumulation. Silicon lock lubricant is the recommended product from TransAlarm.

  • Fall: Boiler cleaning and activation - Doug K usually does, possibly moving to Sharper Mgmt

  • Spring: Boiler cleaning and shutdown - Doug K usually does, possibly moving to Sharper Mgmt

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