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March 2019 Buildings Meeting Minutes

Buildings Committee Minutes

Date: March 26, 2019

Attendance - Drew, Nadja, Cody, Corey, Thomas, Taften, Ethan, Sue in attendance

Old Business

  • Structure/wall issues: possible cracks, settling, etc (and possible structure issues)

  • Exterior wall issues & lots of construction/heavy traffic in our area possibly impacting buildings

  • Taften has gathered pictures from Dal & Nadja’s units

  • One crack in Cody’s unit wall, in bedroom. One in Drew’s unit. Will send pictures to buildings email.

  • $1500/unit assessment if you are suspecting minor/major structural issues

  • Use home advisor app; Nadja to forward the information onwards to Taften

  • Carpet replacement bid

  • Nadja to forward the information onwards to Taften

  • Intercom replacement bid

  • If you’re having intercom issues for now, please let Taften & Thomas know! We can clean/repair them

  • White roof painting bid

  • Next Meeting: Tuesday April 23th, 2019

New Business

  • Washing machine in 1807

  • Back gate lock repaired: recommendation is for Gate company to come and realign the gate

  • Pot smell in hallways

  • Water dripping down walls from ice dams - thanks Drew for your help!

  • Thanks also for the ice-dam chipping Drew and John!

  • Keys and policy for how many given to new units

  • Recommended, same number as bedrooms: 2 sets of keys for a 2 bedroom unit, 3 for 3 bedrooms

  • Will do 3 sets of keys as standard

  • Snow and ice removal, we got a warning letter about the garbage area. Reported by the garbage company.

  • Reserved parking signs are in and will be put up. Any volunteers to help? Please look out this coming Sunday the 31st for us putting up

  • Recommended that parking prices be raised next year.

  • Last year budget was 8k for bldg projects, actual was 25,813. Not including tuckpointing of 30k. Total buildings budget was 48k.

  • Carpet 15-24k

  • Intercom system update 7-8k

  • Security system 7-8k

  • Outside wall work 22k (14 for bulge and 8 for other tuck pointing

  • Structural Engineer (need a cost amount)

  • Building maintenance: Water heaters, carpet cleaning, front and back entry cleaning: Unsure of how many hours

  • Building hours ??

  • Woody is going to be finishing the front entryway of 1801 - work nearly finished - was crumbling drywall

  • Monitor for more crumbling/drywall isses

If you bring new business without giving me notice, then please be prepared to speak on the issue, the solutions, and/or what work/time you are willing to put into the problem/solution.

All quotes & quotes for work required to CC

Window issues, please report window issues here.

Buildings To-Do List:

Any and all residents and neighbors can help with these! Thank you if you are willing and able to take these on -- please send me a note via email, text message or phone call to notify me that this is being worked on!

  1. Vacuuming of the floors (weekly)

  2. Washing of door windows (weekly)

  3. Fence door locks need silicone-based WD40 lubricant to prevent freezing / sticking (monthly/winter)

  4. New / switching of hinges on the office door

  5. Pending update from Drew

  6. Woody to fix the broken window in the back of 1801 -- pending completion from resizing of window

  7. Laundry Room risers for washers and dryers with pull out board for a resting place for laundry basket

  8. Taften to follow up with Woodie

  9. Any resident can get a quote through home advisor, simply keep me in the loop for approvals

  10. Trans Alarm - Instructional videos & materials need to be completed

  11. Light in front of 1801 pedestal light out

  12. Drain pipe covers for the roof

  13. Mess in between 1811 and 1807

  14. Plastic corners in the hallways

  15. New security light at the back corner of 1807

  16. Taften to send out a doodle for schedules.

  17. We need to request from State Farm when policy changed and when we were notified and also look for a lawyer to write a letter. - Drew was taking this on, update?

  18. Woody’s work

  • All the units front doors redone, will get bids for that for next year.

  • Storage Units redone: Running list: 1807 #4 Storage unit

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