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October 7th M&M Committee Meeting Agenda

Cityview Marketing & Membership Committee Meeting-

Saturday October 7th at 10:00 am


In deference to keeping our meetings an hour long, we’ll be moving along at a reasonable clip with project triage to prioritize our activities.

Because we have so much ongoing business, today we’ll be scheduling our next M&M Committee meeting for some time in the beginning of November, so think about what dates will work for you next month. Workgroup sessions will be scheduled as participants determine necessary.

First 30 Minutes:

Topic Submission from Nadja G.-

Nadja would like to discuss notification requirements for new member interview groups.

Update on Misc. Website Task Force Update

Reformatting Logos from Website and Drafting Content for Cityview Corner Sign-

To be done in coordination with the Grounds Committee

Second 30 Minutes:

Ongoing Protocol Standardization-

The M&M Committee is revisiting the issues addressed by that was introduced at March’s Annual Membership Meeting but not adopted. We’ll reach out to our officers, committee leaders and our membership to amend the resolution and resubmit for approval.

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