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Nov '18 Meeting Minutes

Buildings Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Nov. 13th, 2018

Attendance - Corey, Thomas, Taften, Julia

Old Business

  • Review of Insurance Claim Denial

  • Insurance policies provided and the ones in our actual policy do not match 1:1; official policy is being sent and re-review by Alyssa’s dad

  • At a minimum, writing a letter to the insurance company to clarify the situation may be sufficient to potentially reverse their decision

  • Our policy should cover any damage done by the bricks; however, the deductible is $2500 per building; damage done to either building would be split

  • Since the damage done did not exceed the deductible, it was not claimed

  • Road Work outside of Cityview Cooperative

  • Bilbaughs have called 311 & Centerpoint Energy, as well as submitted an incident

  • We need more residents to do the same! Please do the same and contact Minneapolis (311) and Centerpoint Energy to notify them about how this is impacting you.

  • They did not provide notice of any kind about the parking restrictions, nor about the construction happening. They will be working on the street and may be blocking off the sidewalk outside the front of the three buildings and to the north of 1801

  • Bid with Woodie to do various projects around the Cooperative

  • Pending update, looking to finalize our list of items to-do

  • 1801 Building falling dust / possible materials degradation or infestation

  • Something falling from ceiling and gathering in the corner of the 1801 entrance

  • Update: Woodie suggests cleaning the area and seeing if it continues… already the case it seems. Next suggestion would be to have someone take down that panel and part of the wall to see what is causing crumbling inside. Are the bathrooms above that space?

  • I will start getting bids for this, I will ask Woodie for a bid. Does anyone have any sheetrock/drywall specialists to tear out walling, repair what is needed underneath, put the wall/corner back up.

  • Check the security light at the back corner of 1807. I checked it tonight, 11.13.18 and it’s working.

  • Check with cleaning cloth and check the sensors for range and placement.

  • Trans alarm out on 11.9.18 for the broken door handle on the North gate door.

  • Taften to purchase silicone based lock lubricant for hanging in the entrances.

  • Intercom repairs and reviews: Mark Cady came out Nov 1st.

  • Update: List of intercom problems: Julia, Cody, Sue, Kris.

  • Update: Mark Cady came out and worked on Leif and Bilbaughs unit, showed thomas how to clean the intercom. We knocked on everyone else’s door but didn’t go into any units. Thomas or Taften can come over and clean, check the wires for any unit. If that doesn’t repair it, then we can call Mark back out again.

  • Wrecker Services, Inc, our towing services called Nov 5th.

  • A new contract was sent under the new rebranded and relicensed Company (Metro WSI, formerly Wrecker Services), just today 11.13.18. They also want a representative who will call for everyone in the future. They can't accept calls from Individual residents according to city ordinance.

  • Taften read the Law and it only says that the company needs to keep a specific record of who reported and ordered the tow, but nothing about a limited number of reps per business/organization.

  • Add generic no parking, reserved parking signs in the back.

  • Roofing Update

  • Completed on November 9, 2018

  • Next Meeting: Dec 11th or 18th. Will be decided at the board meeting on 11.27.18

New business

  • If you bring new business without giving me notice, then please be prepared to speak on the issue, the solutions, and/or what work/time you are willing to put into the problem/solution.

  • Quotes for work to be completed at CVC, please send official quotes/bids to and give that email address as the contact for any quotes/bids for work at CVC. We would like to keep as much information funneled through the chair positions, that way knowledge is passed on instead of gone when members leave.

  • Window issues, please report window issues here.

  • Sue T recently had some teenagers/young adults throw a rock into her window, about a month ago. The window is being replaced my Empire, and Doug is working with them on this.

  • Julia got new rugs put under the snow shovels. 1 for each door.

  • Light in front of 1811, Mike O’s unit outside the front gate.

Standing Buildings To-Do List:

Any and all residents and neighbors can help with these! Thank you if you are willing and able to take these on -- please send me a note via email, text message or phone call to notify me that this is being worked on!

  1. New Hinges for Office Door - Drew to complete

  2. Broken window from back of 1801, near the back door. Single pane of glass and connectors to frame needed.(May) Will discuss with Woodie soon.

  3. Carpeting project: start getting estimates for total cost of project. No Bids received yet.

  4. Intercom bids and repair. Also bids for security cameras, maybe an all in one.

  5. Laundry Room risers for washers and dryers with pull out board for a resting place for laundry basket. Will follow up with Woodie.

  6. Fence door locks having issues in winter (need a permanent fix) - Trans alarm out for this and security system

  7. Get hours and listed jobs for easy sign up posted on the website and linked through google.

  8. Trans Alarm - Instructional Videos & materials need to be completed

  9. Roofing contractor for white roof instead of standard black

  10. Check on entry way of 1801 for possible termites or other pests. Something falling from ceiling and gathering in the corner. Update: Woodie suggests cleaning the area and seeing if it continues… already the case it seems. Next suggestion would be to have someone take down that panel and part of the wall to see what is causing crumbling inside.

  11. Check the security light at the back corner of 1807.

  12. Check with Woody about what is still needed to be completed.

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