Sept. '18 Buildings Meeting Minutes

Buildings Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Sept 11th, 2018

  • Attendance - Thomas, Corey, Taften, Julia in attendance

  • Old Business

  • We need to vote on the two best options for Washing Machine replacement:

  • Option A: Maytag with 5-year warranty

  • Unanimous vote - and cost w/in $2k approved range from 8/28 Board Mtg

  • Option B: SpeedQueen with 3-year warranty

Update 9/18/18 Maytag machine delivered. It is very low. Woody has gotten a bid for all other work but not the washing machine risers. I have asked him again if it is something he can make happen. In the mean time, would we like a base under that machine? We can do up to 10 inches.

  • Intercom repairs and reviews: Coming out the week of October 1

  • We’ve reached out to, and are pending updates from, these vendors:

  • Intercom upgrades (third bid, TBD) as well as repairs (above)

  • Gutters

  • Woody also looked at this on 9/11/18

  • Roofing (Update 9/17/18 Email from John at Flynn with a Bid)

  • Fire Extinguishers - (Update 9/20/18 - Inspection complete)

  • Pest Control (Comes out monthly and can be asked into a unit anytime he’s out)

  • Contractor Woody Dixon at CVC to give a bid on:

  • Railing repair at 1801

  • Broken window from back of 1801, near the back door. That window also needs new sealant.

  • Woody is already gone but I will get a bid on the same windows Acme bid on for sealant.

  • Gutters for front of building

  • Trim in the back of 1807 and 1811 basement hallway

  • Laundry Room risers (24inches) for washers and dryers with pull out board for a resting place for laundry basket

  • Basement hallways for sealant repair over limestone

  • New business

  • Is there a Buildings To-Do list (vacuuming, washing walls, etc)

  • Yes! We (Bilbaughs) are working to get this more prominently shared and posted on Buildings page

  • Is my roommate allowed to do work for Buildings, Grounds, etc?

  • Yes! So long as it is booked by “household” -- i.e. 1801 #2, 1811 #6, etc, then yes! We welcome all help

Standing Buildings To-Do List: Any and all residents and neighbors can help with these!

Thank You to Val, Doug, and Taften who helped tackle items on this list!

  1. Railing repair at 1801, front railing into cement. Look into contractors, multiple options (April Notes)

  2. Broken window from back of 1801, near the back door. Single pane of glass and connectors to frame needed.(May)

  3. Trans Alarm - Instructional Videos & materials need to be completed

  4. Look into heating elements for gutter in back of 181

  5. Roofing contractor for white roof instead of standard black

  6. Carpeting project: start getting estimates for total cost of project

  7. Trim is falling off in 1811/1807 buildings (Woody looking at this 9/11/18)

  8. Laundry Room risers for washers and dryers with pull out board for a resting place for laundry basket

  9. Fence door locks having issues in winter (need a permanent fix)

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