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Grounds Committee - August Update

Meeting held in both July and August, both were sparsely attended.

Shelley and group from Neva's Garden have been continuing with the weeding and upkeep of the yard, as well as assisting with the watering of some of the containers. This has been extremely helpful as there has been little interest by other members.

In August, I was finally able to get the electricians over to do some work. This included: 1) repairing all the outside outlets, including replacing one that seemed to have suffered some type of fire 2) replacing all the outside outlets with durable metal covers that are better hinged and will hopefully protect and outlast the previous plastic ones 3) install a light and switch under the arbor 4) replace the security light in the sideyard that is on 1811 and 5) install a new motion detector security light in the dumpster area to the existing light pole.

With the new light in the dumpster area, and now having it secured again by new locks, I am hoping that stops some of the uninvited activity in our yard. I encourage everyone to be diligent in noting someone who does not live here and escorting them out of the premise, as long as they do not feel threatened.

During the upcoming month, I plan on cleaning out the shed so we have room for the things we use and can easily access them. Please note: If you have any personal belongings in the shed, you need to get them out! I will be recycling, putting stuff on free lists or just throwing unnecessary items out.

Another shout out to Julia R. and Gerry G. for doing a fabulous job on coordinating and mowing the lawn. They have done a really great job this summer and it is really appreciated! Julia has also been very diligent in garbage pick up and keeping the area around the dumpster clear when large stuff gets dumped there. Again - THANK YOU!

There will be a meeting posted in September shortly.

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