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July/Aug '18 Buildings Meeting Minutes

Buildings Committee Meeting Minutes

August 21 2018

In attendance - Julia, Corey, Thomas, Taften, Val, Drew

  • Middle washing machine in 1807 - has been repaired and is working well!

  • Middle washing machine in 1811 - replacement estimate $2020, repair estimate $1600

  • Should we begin a project to replace all washers/dryers? Consistency’s sake

  • BDS Potential Bid: $20,800 to replace ALL machines, includes card system, has a slightly shorter warranty period

  • Some of the machines, not all, are under warranty -- middle washer 1811

  • Can BDS help us upgrade all of our machines, do they have a trade-in program?

  • Should this include an upgrade to the way we pay for laundry? E.g. pay cards instead of tokens, integrated as part of way to pay for laundry

  • Committee strongly prefers risers as well to reduce back pain in loading & unloading laundry

  • Intercom & entrance buzzer upgrades

  • Kris T, Thomas B, Ethan, have issues with intercom presently.

  • Mark Cady knows how to fix these units; some spare parts exist but he has worked on them & repaired them in the past, if folks are needing help; 612-276-2239; 612-770-5987

  • Could a potential camera be installed?

  • Potential security cameras bid with TV integration: $4000, includes variable cable cost

  • NVR/DVR remote recording (records up to 6 previous weeks’ worth video)

  • Requirements: Buzz people in Door 1 & Door 2, speak to them, see them

  • Have 2 other potential bids

  • Blue Horizon, $10k, would include new cable

  • TransAlarm $14k, would also include new cable

  • Exterior brick wear & tear repair

  • Fallen brick area fixed! Total was $33k

  • Can the rain barrell and rain spout be fixed before winter?

  • Awaiting Flynn Gutters to contact Taften in regards to more repairs and winter prep

  • Can gutter pipe be purchased at a common hardware store, plug & play?

  • Damaged/curved bricks on 1811

  • Not strictly considered a safety issue

  • There’s been no change/advancement in the curve

  • Repairs are planned right now for spring 2019

  • Bid is for $14k

  • Separate minor bid for $3k for minor tuckpointing fixes

  • There are areas around Val’s door that also need to be added to this list

  • New padlocks are now in place and working

  • Backup padlocks will be in the office

  • Gutter repair

  • Membrane and metal flashing removed & fixed; standing water on the roof removed

  • Pest control - Leif reported killing a mouse

  • Taften to make a forum post asking if other neighbors are having issues

  • Corey: Fire Extinguishers have not been serviced in +1 year

  • Peterson Fire: Need to follow-up for servicing

  • Nadja still looking into bids for a white roof

  • Sept 6th someone is coming out to measure the carpet for free and leave some samples.

Next Buildings committee meeting is Sept 11th at 7pm.

Buildings Committee members, please also see the standing list of to-do items below that are still pending/needing completion:

To Do list for Buildings (volunteer workers please help on this list):

  1. Railing repair at 1801, front railing into cement. Look into contractors, multiple options (April Notes)

  2. Broken window from back of 1801, near the back door. Single pane of glass and connectors to frame needed.(May)

  3. Print contact lists to hang in the laundry rooms, so people know to make a request of repair through email (April)

  4. Trans Alarm - Instructional Videos & materials need to be completed

  5. Signs in closet/website for replacement bulbs. Website info in Laundry room/Conference room. (March/April Notes)

  6. Gutter repair - Estimate for any repair. Look into heating elements for gutter in back of 1811, and roofing contractor for white roof instead of standard black.

  7. Rain barrel Removal: to be coordinated with gutter repair.

  8. Carpeting project: start getting estimates for total cost of project.

  9. Trim back of 1811/1807 basement: piece on carpet and needs to be redone.

  10. Hot water heater maintenance

  11. Laundry Room risers for washers and dryers with pull out board for a resting place for laundry basket

  12. Fence door locks having issues in winter (need a permanent fix)

  13. Put forum post about windows. If you have a window problem, please report to and Doug.

  14. Put forum post about intercom problems, if members have an issue, please report to and cc Doug.

To help out with any of these projects, please contact the Buildings Committee Chair at

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