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May '18 Buildings Mtg Minutes

Sorry this is getting up on the website so late!

Buildings Committee Meeting MINUTES

May 17th, 2018

7 - 8:00 PM

In attendance: Taften, Thomas, Nadja, Corey, Julia

  • Padlocks ordered for the garbage area and the shed. Keys are being worked on. They need a special order from the board or president (Taften coordinating with Drew to get them ordered)

  • 1807 Middle Washing machine (#2 I think?) is throwing error codes again. (code: suds)

  • Taften to print contact list and instructions of how to notify buildings chair of issues

  • Doug reported that he got it working after a call to BDS, no charge for this.

  • Boiler inspection completed May 9th.

  • Nothing to report from Doug in regards to the boiler system.

  • Taften to follow-up with Doug on a receipt/report from the boiler inspection

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Next time will get them to clean the office!

  • 1801 building back window was broken during fire inspection and needs replacement

  • Taften to follow up and get a replacement quote base on dimensions

  • Pad Locks being replaced throughout several areas:

  • Shed - ordered

  • Garbage area double doors - ordered

  • Have an old one in the office, needs to be re-keyed, sending to TransAlarm - Sent 5.18.18

  • Compost bin and grill sold by Julia for $180 and grill $80 -- thank you Julia!

  • AD (former CVC resident) $10 bill from Frattallone's

  • Done 4/10/18 and completed

  • To be clear: window screen repairs are the responsibility of the cooperative member to correct, not the cooperative!

  • Tube TV dumped in back, potential $150 cost to the coop

  • Taften instead brought it to Best Buy (next time will try the city or county recycle center, maybe cheaper)

  • New Business

  • NG: Has a window issue that may impact a neighbor, What to do?

  • For now, follow-up with Frattallone’s; they should be able to resolve

  • NG: Pictures of damaged bricks on the exterior sent over

  • Masonry meeting on Tuesday was cancelled last-minute; Nadja re-starting the meeting process

  • Val is also working with PPL to get information about the tuck-point workers

  • Can rubber grippy pads be added when the contractor looks at this?

  • NG: Blacktop roofs, can they be painted white instead to reflect/deflect heat?

  • Yes; likely needs to be done by a contractor

  • Intercoms for door entry: members, please send in your problems with intercoms.

  • TDB & TJB’s intercom can’t talk to people, KT’s intercom buzzer to signal her unit is out. Please check you intercom and let me know at

  • Next meeting: June 12th at 7pm

To Do list for Buildings (volunteer workers please help on this list):

  1. Railing repair at 1801, front railing into cement. Look into contractors, multiple options (April Notes)

  2. Broken window from back of 1801, near the back door. Single pane of glass and connectors to frame needed.(May)

  3. Print contact lists to hang in the laundry rooms, so people know to make a request of repair through email (April)

  4. Trans Alarm - Instructional Videos & materials need to be completed

  5. Signs in closet/website for replacement bulbs. (March/April Notes)

  6. Gutter repair - Estimate for any repair. Look into heating elements for gutter in back of 1811.

  7. Rain barrel Removal: ASAP

  8. Carpeting project: start getting estimates for total cost of project.

  9. Trim back of 1811/1807 basement: piece on carpet and needs to be redone.

  10. Hot water heater maintenance

  11. Laundry Room risers for washers and dryers with pull out board for a resting place for laundry basket

  12. Fence door locks having issues in winter (need a permanent fix)

To help out with any of these projects, please contact the Buildings Committee Chair at

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