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June '18 Buildings Mtg Minutes

Buildings Committee Meeting MINUTES

June 12, 2018

7 - 8:00 PM

In attendance: Taften, Thomas, Nadja, Corey, Drew

  • No agenda this evening -- but have a lot of mini-projects to catch-up on

  • Exterior brick wear-and-tear repair project

  • Taften currently photodocumenting instances of air conditioners causing damage and problems; so far, everyone seems good!

  • Once instance in the 1811 building, resident has been contacted

  • ACME Tuckpointing has been contacted for additional information in regards to repairs

  • When the professionals come, Taften will further document the exterior to ensure it is 100% photo-documented

  • New padlocks are ordered! Pending reception and installation…

  • Townhouse keys: Drew thinks we need 6 (half-dozen)

  • Corey: Confirms the count is 4, cost is approx. $10 / key

  • A few of these keys will be kept as backup so we will order 10 keys

  • Gutter repair: Originally was Dalco, but was acquired by Flynn (Canadian Company) -- working to find a new group that does gutter repair

  • Nadja still working on acquiring white paint roofing bids -- pending

  • Taften also reaching out to other businesses on this project for other bids

  • Possible ant infestation between 1801 - 1807 - hoping they are NOT termites

  • Call Adam’s pest control: seen some beetles or roaches (hopefully not!), silverfish, ants (check to make sure not termites, mice seen again (please check your units)

  • Next meeting: Tuesday August 21, 2018 at 7pm.

  • Per Board scheduling not intending to meet in July; goal is to execute as much of the below to-do list

To Do list for Buildings (volunteer workers please help on this list):

  1. Railing repair at 1801, front railing into cement. Look into contractors, multiple options (April Notes)

  2. Broken window from back of 1801, near the back door. Single pane of glass and connectors to frame needed.(May)

  3. Print contact lists to hang in the laundry rooms, so people know to make a request of repair through email (April)

  4. Trans Alarm - Instructional Videos & materials need to be completed

  5. Signs in closet/website for replacement bulbs. Website info in Laundry room/Conference room. (March/April Notes)

  6. Gutter repair - Estimate for any repair. Look into heating elements for gutter in back of 1811, and roofing contractor for white roof instead of standard black.

  7. Rain barrel Removal: to be coordinated with gutter repair.

  8. Carpeting project: start getting estimates for total cost of project.

  9. Trim back of 1811/1807 basement: piece on carpet and needs to be redone.

  10. Hot water heater maintenance

  11. Laundry Room risers for washers and dryers with pull out board for a resting place for laundry basket

  12. Fence door locks having issues in winter (need a permanent fix)

  13. Put forum post about windows. If you have a window problem, please report to and Doug.

  14. Put forum post about intercom problems, if members have an issue, please report to and cc Doug.

To help out with any of these projects, please contact the Buildings Committee Chair at

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