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Membership & Marketing Meeting Minutes

Membership & Marketing Committee Meeting, Saturday 4/28 at 10 AM

Julia, Thomas, Ethan, Nadja, Corey, Taften in attendance

1) National Night Out (8/7/18, first Tues in August) organizers

Potluck for Cityview Members only -- or Should we do a larger block party?

Decision: Smaller potluck in the backyard

Julia setting up a potluck sign-up sheet and will deliver it electronically; Thomas to print off and hangup

2) Updated CV sign in front of 1801

Mark to lead this here, and has created a mockup (attached)

Julia to manage project & set deadline, want this completed ASAP

Potential cost of up to $450

3) Occupancy Agreement Recognition signature for new members

We have great documents around our Occupancy Agreement & Pet Policy

Should we add another document that confirms a new members’ understanding of the OA, and also gives a promise commitment to 2 hrs / months

Document is intended to affirm their understanding of the cooperative & volunteer aspects and can commit time, effort and energy to the coop

Should we have them sign this and do this at the interview? AND Pet Policy?

Julia to write up the initial document for this

4) NEW Member Interviews discussion questions (preliminary)

In regards to acceptable interview questions: Smoking is not technically a protected characteristic, and it could have a potential impact on neighbors. How can we assess this in the interview?

At least, we can ask them if they’ve read and understood the Smoking Policy

Examples of acceptable questions

5) In a new member’s interview, can we have more time to review his credit as well? Can there be multiple copies of the credit review?

Julia to come down a bit earlier to share the content and copies

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