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Agenda: April 10th Buildings Meeting

Buildings Committee Meeting AGENDA

April 10th, 2018

7 - 8:30 PM

  • New Business:

  • Trim back of 1811/1807 basement

  • Spring Carpet Cleaning

  • Railing repair 1801: front railing into cement.

  • Railings/front steps for all three buildings

  • Light bulbs:

  • I am making the signs

  • 2nd floor of 1807. Contact Terry, Rozlyn, Megan, Alex, Doug, Drew: Email a poll of Light watt preference and put forum post. See what the people want.

  • One sign for the 65 (9) watt bulbs and one for the 100 (14) watt bulbs.

  • Rotorooter:

  • I have no keys to the furnace/water heater room, so I am unable to schedule this.

  • Laundry Machines:

  • Valves-

  • 2 washing machines in 1807, F20 error code

  • Risers for the washers and dryers

  • DA - On some at least, but not all

  • CG - Yes for all in 1811, some in 1807 (if residents there want them)

  • Trash Problem and junk removal

  • Thank you Celia!!!!

  • Rain barrel replacement - volunteers?

  • Next meeting: April 10th at 7pm

To Do list for Buildings (volunteer workers please help on this list):

*Roto rooter video inspection to be scheduled to address drain plugging.

*Carpet cleaning to be scheduled after roto rooter visit.

*Railing repair at 1801, front railing into cement. Look into new railings.

Laundry Room risers for washers and dryers.

Trans Alarm - Instructional Videos & materials complete.

Fence door locks having issues in winter

Signs in closet/website for replacement bulbs.

Gutter repair - Estimate for any repair. Look into heating elements for gutter in back of 1811, may need repair.

Rain barrel Removal: ASAP

Carpeting project: start getting estimates for total cost of project.

Hot water heater maintenance (I need a key).

CityView Business sign: update old # to new website.

To help out with any of these projects, please contact the Buildings Committee Chair at

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