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Grounds Committee Meeting - March 27 2018

Thomas, Taften and Val met on Tuesday March 27, 2018 at 7 PM to discuss the state of grounds. Since there were only three of us -- our decisions and ideas were non-binding.

1) Cityview Grounds Gmail address handed off to Val (done) by Thomas

2) Neva's Gardens: Is the contract signed and finalized? Thinking close to, Val & Thomas to complete

3) Rainbow Lawncare: Is the contract signed and finalized? Thinking yes, need to get schedule online and shared

4) Thomas to update the 2018 Lawnmowing schedule and notify the CVC group to get interest going in the next week

5) Window box planters: Is there still interest in these? Should we allow members to reimbuse up to $X to be able to get fresh plants in the window boxes?

6) Should we print permits for parking for the back parking lot? Up to 3 per household?

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