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Finance Mtg Feb. 20th, 2018

February 20th 2018 -- Corey, Ethan, Mike, Thomas, Taften, Nadja in attendance

Finance Committee Meeting

Budget 2018:

P&L document, Monthly checking document -- Make them available online

Thomas to add them to the list of documents available

Taften: As Buildings Chair, where are the previous Buildings Committee budgets?

Nadja: Likely a file on the computer, Kris needs to yield/release

ACTION: Thomas & Corey to schedule time with Kris

Arrears - Latest information:

Payment plans have been put into place

Member #1 dropped off a check at top of the month. For an amount over his monthly payment.

Thomas to update the letter to drop off physical letter with Corey and talk to member.

Member #2 Payment plan pending, Feb payment made by another member for share of profits from SuperBowl, banked hours also used by this member.

Member #3: Payment plan needed, statements are being delivered. No responses from parents either, don’t have proper contact information.

Also need to draft a document to all members that renters payments will not be accepted in the future. All payments need to be going through the members. This specifically applies to a few but should be a rule applying to all members with renters in their units.

Member #4 is on a payment plan and is successfully paying.

Member #5 is selling unit and will have amount paid off soon.


Need a basket on the door. Project for someone to door at the office.

For future discussion: how to put members names in the minutes and keep it anonymous.

Idea for future discussion, Members listed by number and have key somewhere else, not posted online.

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