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2/12/18 Buildings Mtg Minutes

Buildings Committee Meeting Minutes

February 12th, 2018

7 - 8:30 PM

In attendance: Celia, Garry, Nadja, Corey, Taften and Ethan.

  • Light bulbs:

  • Light bulbs in all buildings are burning out after only 14 months of use, Not sure why… Maybe we need “Always On” LEDs. Need to ask Kris about receipt from these bulbs from amazon (Nadja thinks Kris is the one who purchased these. New replacement bulbs will be in the storage room (they are the wrong type of light, Bright White instead of Daylight). Need to put notes in the closet and on the website, Celia will put out notes.

  • Transalarm:

  • Door needs to be fixed in 1801, transalarm will be coming out for that. They also need to look at the door locking system and show people how to set the times. We would like a Video reference guide for the website. So future members can look up how to do things around the cooperative.

  • Rotorooter:

  • Board never responded to Doug about getting a camera out to see what the blockage is. Should we call rotorooter ourselves and have them out? They have come out 3 times and have run the line 3 times to clear the blocks.

  • Water leak from 1807 #5’s shower:

  • In 1807, 200-250 is Nadja’s guess. She gave her credit card and an invoice will be sent. The estimate for the repair work is 400.

  • Additional Bids from New Look:

  • Additionally to the 400 for the hole repair:

  • Another bid for 200 to caulk under all the conduits to fill in any gaps and hide any shadows. It’s a finishing detail to help add a full solid look to the ceiling and walls around any cord hiders/conduits in the hallways.

  • Website issues with access to documents now.

  • All requests are being sent to cityview buildings chair for access permission, even if the document was sent with the link to everyone.

  • Laundry Machines:

  • Several machines repaired recently. The temperature controls on most dryers don’t work well and some of the washers need repair or replacement.

  • No one at the meeting was in favor of leasing equipment, nor were people interested in sharing the proceeds with another company.

  • Need a plumbing company to fix the faucet connected to the washer in 1807. The washing machine is still good.

  • Dryers, will all need to be replaced at the same time. Washers can come one at a time.

  • Reserve Study:

  • Going over recommended amounts for the carrying charges.

  • Some amounts we have already used towards building repairs since 2014 have been more than the recommended in the reserve study. For example, Painting the hallways was estimated at 14k max but our project is already near 20k. That’s 6 thousand more than the reserve study estimates and we haven’t raised HOAs per the studies recommendations from 5 years ago.

Post meeting communication: Celia is not longer interested in being involved with buildings and will be stepping down as chair. Taften will be taking over the role and will announce that to the next board meeting.

Things that need to get done/To Do list for Buildings:

*Plumbing repair on middle washer in 1807.

*Roto rooter video inspection to be scheduled to address drain plugging.

*Carpet cleaning to be scheduled after roto rooter visit.

*Trans Alarm - popping sound @ 1801, timers at entryways, issue @ 1807 second door not locking overnight

Contact BDS - will not be purchasing/leasing any units

Lightbulb ordering and replacement. Lights are are burning out after 14 months (10k hrs of use but minimum for industry standard is 25k hrs) and signage in closet/website for where to get replacement bulbs.

Railing repair at 1801

Gutter repair

Rain barrel replacement

Carpeting project

Hot water heater maintenance

2018 Budget

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