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Super Bowl AirBNB Update

Hello neighbors!

For the upcoming weekend, we currently have 3 units confirmed to be renting out their units entirely for Super Bowl guests. Please see the list of participants below, and who you can expect to be on-premises this weekend.

Please note, these details are still changing and being confirmed in some circumstances! I'll endeavor to update this as frequently as possible.

Corey Green, 1811 #6

  • Jeff H (still pending confirmation)

Thomas & Taften Bilbaugh, 1811 #5

  • Cary Friedlander

  • Cary's girlfriend

  • Cary's brother

  • Cary's brother's girlfriend

  • Cary's Dad

  • From Saturday 2/3 to Monday 2/5

Kelley Frederickson, 1811 #10

  • Ross Schaulfelberger

  • Ross' friend (1)

  • Ross' friend (2)

  • From Friday 2/2 to Monday 2/5

Julia Ryan, 1811 #3

  • Rob Crossley

  • His girlfriend, Amanda

  • From Friday 2/2 to Monday 2/5

As discussed -- all participants are closely monitoring the provided keys. Most units are only giving a single key to their AirBNB renters.

All renters have also been advised of security, smoking, and general apartment rules including politeness to long-term residents.

If you have any concerns -- please leave a comment here and I'll get back to you!

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