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1/22/18 Buildings Meeting

Buildings Meeting: 1/22/18 ----> Next Meeting Monday Feb 12th at 7pm

Attendance: Celia, Julia, Nadja, Drew, Taften, Ethan, Kris, Kelley.

Lights replaced some in the 1811 building are yellowish. Need to be replaced with white, after white bulbs are purchased.

Celia called TransAlarm to fix 1807 lock. Val suggested putting foam on gate locks. One is set up that way so plates don’t need to be added/subtracted as weather change.

Laundry issues:

  • Need new machines, but in interim, repairs. 1811 two dryers (one down, one noisy) and in 1807 one washer. Taften looking into commercial washers and dryers replacements.

  • Celia proposed moving one dryer from 1807 to 1811 so that each has three working dryers. Call in for minor repairs.

  • Replace dryers, twenty years old. Need to replace oldest washer(s)

Kris to be added to lock out list. -Taften will take care of that on the website directory

Painting Project: See Celia's Post here.

  • Painting. Beach Club, white ceiling, corner trim in 1801 but not 1807, 1811.

  • Beginning Monday 2/5

Discussion of Reserve Study

Electronic copy of this will be sent again to all committee members and copy put on the website.

Celia discusses several points from the study - notes to be sent from Kris.

Kelley - we should take time and digest the reserve study and separate out buildings and grounds.

Drew - Val and Doug would know more about masonry and walls and amounts paid there. Line item on the reserve study

Discussion about increasing carrying charges to match the suggested amount in reserve study… looking at several items, we need to pay attention to this document.

Confusion about money coming back in 2014 and investments the following year, yet we are looking at windows, other repairs, laundry replacement, roof, etc.

Next Meeting Monday Feb 12th at 7pm

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