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Hallway Paint coming February 5th!

We're excited to announce that the final details of the long awaited painting project have been finalized. Painting shall begin on the 5th of February in the 1801 building.

If you have any concerns please direct your questions to Nadja.

Here are the final specifications decided on by our Buildings Committee at our meeting on the 22nd:

All walls to be painted in Beach Club, up to the bottom of trim.

(we're sorry to those who asked for grey, the committee voted on one color per majority vote)

Trim, in gloss white, to be installed in 2nd floors of all buildings at 91” from floor.

Trim, in gloss white, to be installed in 1st floor of 1 801 building at 91”.

Trim, in gloss white, to be installed in all vestibules: on 3 of 4 walls at 91” in 1801 building and on all 4 walls at 2” from top of entry door height in 1807/1811 buildings.

Ceilings above to be painted satin “ceiling” white.

Wood corner trim to be installed in the 1801 building, painted same color as walls.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in pushing this project forward!

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