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Special Buildings Mtg: Paint project 12/7/17

In attendance: Ethan, Mark, Nadja's Boyfriend Doug, Nadja, Celia, Corey.

*The next Buildings Meeting will be on Monday Jan 22nd at 7pm.

Nadja- Eric recommends that the trim be around 91 inches, so between the top of the doorway and the ceiling height would be about 30 inches. Nadja would also like 1801 to have trim on the first floor. No angles of trim in the stairways. White ceiling and white top above the trim. The post in the stairways would have trim wrapped around them (posts on the second floor). This is the recommended height from the contractor to avoid all of the nodes. Mark - ceilings are 10 feet, means 30 inches down from the ceiling. That's quite a ways down. (Too much distance from the ceiling) Stairways were discussed. Painter recommends the extra strong paint that can be scrubbed often. Mark- Marine paint is also an option or army paint that lasts a very long time. For trim: Nadja -make it more glossy. Flat white on the ceiling and glossy on the trim. Mark- eggshell finish instead of flat. Nadja- advocate for flat in 1801. Contractor discussion about bids. Nadja would like to never share bids between contractors. No information in bids should ever be shared - Nadja - I would like the group tonight to agree to that. Groups response: No. We are comfortable giving enough info to contractors for them to be competitive. Nadja- The contractor recommends trim on the first floor. Celia drawing showing the trim and color complication with the trim on the first floor. Recommends no trim on the first floor because of the ceiling height difference. Nadja - Trim on first floor, in the entryway and wood moldings on all the edges in all of the hallways. The options are metal and wood for the corners. With metal you can have maintenance and with wood you can have maintenance. Maintenance is the key to keeping corners looking good. Repair as needed. Celia, anything more with Eric. $18442, Nadja- 17892. Stronger paint, trim in both upstairs and main floor, and entryways. Took corner trim and basement off the bid. For payment with Eric: 10% to hold, 30% on acceptance, 30% half way through, 30% at the end. Projected Time line, he could start end of Dec if we let him know soon. If we don’t let him know soon then beginning of Feb. He’s got 2 people working for him. 2 to 3 weeks total time for the whole project. Celia: Bob Schmidt, 15,975 for prime plus 2 coats of paint for ceiling and walls. Not including the basement, just for the top two floors. Trim 3600, now 3025 after upping his game. 19k total. Vestibules, entryways have not been confirmed but will double check they are included. Timeline for Bobby, a few weeks of work. Sends a crew, 2-3 days a week and a few weeks to finish. No verification if Bobby is a sales person for lasting impression or is an actual painter. Celia reads her email from Bobby “”. Mark- Insurance? Celia- all is good and up to date. Has 2mil for liability insurance. Impressions of the two Bids. Mark - was able to find lots of pictures of their business. A lasting impression (painting company). Part of the better business bureau. Pros and cons Mostly the two are about the same. Pro for Eric, that he is on site. 18k Eric Newlook Remodeling versus 19k (no fancy paint and maybe for the vestibules with trim) Round robin about who people prefer. The group decided on Eric Newlook Remodeling. Picking colors. Group agrees that we should have the same white color for all the ceilings. Behr is the brand of paint that Newlook Remodeling uses. Nadja’s First Choice Behr 410C-2 Feldspar and second choice is 400C-2 Home Song. Mark and Ethan liked 410C-3 Celery Sprig or 400C-3 Dried Palm. We will request from the board the 10% to hold his place. Let’s hold his place for the end of Jan and have an official start date. Nadja will send out an email for when eric will come in Dec for final discussions. Nadja would like for it to start after Jan 21. Have Eric out to decide or trim design, placement and colors soon in Dec. Dec 28th at 7pm. Will portion some time for paint and trim discussion but mostly for other buildings needs.

The next Buildings Meeting will be on Monday Jan 22nd at 7pm.

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