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Grounds Committee - November 9 2017 Minutes

Last night Grounds meeting discussion was around the budget for 2018.

It was centered around ideas for projects or purchases for the grounds aside for the usual maintenance requirements.

I introduced my plans for the budget thus far which would include the items we replaced from the 2017 with more urgent needs. This includes New lounge type lawn furniture and start our landscape lighting project. I also outline the transition plan to move much of our gardening to the person who did this year’s front garden planting instead of The Master Grounds Work (TMGW), at a much lower cost so that we can have more projects and general maintenance.

My plans after receiving input is to do some preliminary cost projections and put together a draft budget to present first to the Grounds committee then once approved move on to Finance and the Board for final approval. I hope to have this completed sometime Mid-January.

Other items for the budget brought up my members were:

Replacement tree behind 1801

Look into rubber mulch pricing and possibly trial a small area to see if it would meet our needs.

Evaluate need to replace Artic Willows behind 1811.

Fence paint maintenance

Front sign updates, Thomas and Val will look into some options for the sign.

Additionally, beyond the lounge furniture many of our current wrought iron furniture needs some replacement. Thomas’s parent are wanting to sell some of their current furniture so he will bring updates.

Also, there was discussion regarding the back door between 1811 and 1807, lock being tricky of late. I will call the lock company and get someone out to replace this lock.

Regarding our upcoming snow season, remember there are rebate hours with every snowfall, there are shovels, dog friendly salt and grit for the back pavers at every door. Remember also that we placed mulch in three key areas for our furry friends to use as a “potty place” this is most important in the winter as the urine does the most damage to the grass during dormancy. So when you are shoveling remember to take major snow off these areas to encourage owners and dog to utilize the mulch.

Also with colder weather the doors and gates tend to stick and usually open, so always double check that these have closed behind you whenever exiting or entering.

Rebate hours still remain for the grounds these include:

Continued leaf pick-up especially with this never ending leaf drop we are having this year

Covering and winterizing the grounds,

Snow removal when that time comes which as we have seen is already here just hasn’t stuck for long.

Once the holiday season arrives the mums can be replace with more festive winter arrangements in the pots at each front door.

Stay Warm and Happy Holidays,


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