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Buildings Committee - November 20 2017 Minutes

Thomas, Taften, Nadja, Kris, Val, Mark, Celia, Kelley, Corey in attendance

Val: All locks have been cleaned and are working throughout the complex (building doors and fence gates)

Work done by TransAlarm -- Should this be scheduled as a routine maintenance?

Painting/Trim Project

Celia sent out an email with examples / Taften made it into a forum post of some examples as well as bid figures

Some have the old carpet, some have the new carpet

Trim - Borders along the bottom that are painted in? Concern about them being banged up

Crown molding along the ceiling - possibly down to the height of the doorframes?

Color considerations are very difficult to take into matter; one paint can look different on different walls in one home - should at least match the espresso-colored wood

Mark: Prefer off-white colors for the ceiling.

Val: Pro moldings, not moldings down to the top of the door, prefer off-white colors for the ceiling, otherwise too clinical/stark (eggshell would be fine though!)

Kris: Table the basement in terms of cost? Less damage in the basement, different texture, refinish/fresh coat might even be desired for the wood surfaces. For some residents who have doors in the basement, painting a different color(s) on the surfaces near their doors? OR paint basement early to match new color schemes of upper floors. Stairways need some work done too. Wants egg shell, not stark white. Brown for carpet. Doors are looking beaten up. Refinish or fresh coat on doors.

Nadja: Prefers white as it matches stainless steel features; off-white can look dirty/dingy. Each building should also be able to decide on their own unique design if they're so inclined; in favor of upgrading (strictly) over say band-aiding with new paint (e.g rubber or plastic guards for hallways that are traversed regularly with bikes); example of wood border molding for picture hanging; high-gloss paint on the trim and white for ceiling, and walls with more scrubbable paint i.e. gloss vs matte. Wants trim at door frame height. Wants a light green/sage color for the walls below the trim.

Taften: If going with an off-white, want to review it prior to painting. Sage green & light brown pulled it all together; trim (if present) at a high level and high gloss on trim with matte on the ceiling. Would help with light situation as well. Basement:

Thomas: Ditto Taften!

Corey: In terms of trim preferences, want to see it not at door height. Prefers brighter colors, more light is far better.

Kelley: Concern about the height of the trim: at shoulder or door jamb? Would prefer higher. Really likes the first picture from the website; molding comes down, but is still well above the doorway. Worried that any lower will decrease the visual height of the hallway. Inbetween shining white and contractor white; tiles aren't preferred as they don't look great ending partially anywhere, other protection options are equally distasteful. We can also stage these decisions/improvements over years. We can put notches in any trim to hold art. Would like a satin white ceiling and high gloss trim. Likes a light sage green for wall color. Would love to have wood work included in project (cleaned up/re finished)

Celia: Preferred first image. Don't like molding at or below the height of the door. Don't like the decorative molding, prefer a cleaner/more modern look. Painters she spoke to specifically did off-white (non-contractor white for ceiling). Refinishing of doors: budget cost is currently prohibitive, not minding of banged-up doors (character); ata a minimum baseboards should be cleaned/updated. Tiles and board not her preference in stairways. Plane molding with green color (grey green, not yellow green)

Will the molding continue into the entryways/vestibules?

Ceiling: on the white spectrum

Walls: Warm colors, leading towards a light green

Molding: Plain, somewhere above the doors

Cleaning & some serious elbow grease to prepare spaces for upgrade

Next steps / timetable? Should the buildings come together and then decide to give a SPECIFIC bid?

These are specific bids per se

Celia: Print our image & current plan with follow-up address on current plan to gather building-specific feedback & commentary on plans to upgrade each building individually


MOLDING: Shoulder-height, at the door, above the door

L, M, H

MOLDING PROFILE: More modern mid-width wood one, but with a high gloss finish


Eric Jones - Too expensive.

Dan Kellogg with SmartPaint

Janssen Painting and Decorating LLC - Doesn't do trim.

Bob Schmidt with Lasting Impressions - Preferred choice for some.

Eric Carrinton bid for top two floors - Preferred choice for some

Third bid received by Nadja -- $13k range


Backpack version as recommended by Taften ( $640

Handheld bagged vaccuum as recommended by Nadja - $250

Motioned by Mark, seconded by Kris; voted and approved unanimously for $1k to be used for the new vacuums

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