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2018 Superbowl AirBnB Superthread and Q&A

Hey there folks,

Concerned and interested neighbors met in October to discuss potentially allowing AirBnB during the Superbowl 2018 period in February. Notes on that meeting are below!

In addition, it seems our city-wide neighborhood is also interested in the AirBnB business for 2018. Here are some recent articles on this evolving discussion, as well as some of the licensing costs residents might be expected to cover.

-- If negative behaviors occur: immediately call the owner, but also call 911 in an emergency

Julia, Thomas, Taften, Kelley, Bill, Corey, Ryanne, Charlie, Nadja, Ethan in attendance

Concern: how do we enforce all of the rules that we as good residents enforce willing to those who are simply renting or guests?

Concern: If only a single key is not returned, then there should be a cost to the people doing the rental to pay for the keys to be re-keyed and re-put in place.

Concern: Is it reported how many keys are lent out? How many people are being airbnb'ed into the apartment?

PROPOSAL ONE: 10 days exception to the written approval required for the Cooperative for the Superbowl 2018 period. This is the period from January 26 to February 14 inclusive, but should not be more than 10 days.

PROPOSAL TWO: For owner participating in SB18, there shall be a mandatory key deposit fee of $3000 to be shared between all renter participants. This money is to be spent on re-keying after the SB18 event regardless (this may be reconsidered if ALL documented keys are returned). One key per unit will be given; personal spare keys cannot be given.

PROPOSAL THREE: The owner shall be responsible to educate properly all guests the written and unwritten rules for their guests, and ultimately are liable for any damages done to their units. Damage done to public areas will be the shared responsibility of all owner participating in SB18 event.

PROPOSAL FOUR: If you are an owner participating in SB18, you must A) attend a SB18 meeting event and indicate this is being done or B) report to the board that this is being done, including the information that b1) rules are being followed, b2) guest # and names, b3) signed confirmation they are following rules.


Don't let anyone in who can't unlock the primary door to get in. Treat common areas like they're you're own! Hallways, laundry rooms, stairsways, back and side yard are all shared by other residents, and this is their home!

Owners renting must be available to their renters during this time (within one hour's response/travel time), or designate another CVC member as the 'owner' during this period of time if they're gone.


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