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9/28 Finances Committee Minutes

Nadja, Taften, Thomas, Kris, Julia, Mike, Corey, Ethan

Members in Arrears -- Review of latest No concern: Member 6, amount will be wiped out upon closing of unit sale No concern: Member 5, their pay schedule/dues schedule do not align. Effective plan in place.


NEED updates on Written Payment Plans ($4k+)

NEED updates on Written Payment Plans ($500+) These need to be updated monthly, and reassessed by the Board quarterly

Kris: To send 8 emails indicating the need for a payment plan to each of these, setting the expectation for a response by October 15, as this is needed by October 24 for the October Board

discussion. Email should include: ACTION REQUIRED.

Paying Online via PayPal

Thomas & Kris to meet and work to integrate PayPal onto the website for cooperative members

--Next Step: Integrate booking service with online payment services

Concerns: Will we get flagged as a business (and therefore have to pay?)

Depends on fee structure, may be manageable for the convenience; otherwise, always have check processing to fall back on (functions now)

Revisit option to charge additional 10% to avoid late fees Should CityView incent when someone very far behind pays 10% of their overdue bill? X%?

Thomas: Send link to Julia, Osbon and Ethan to the Volunteer place online

Thomas: Add elements to the Volunteer page so that it includes more activities

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