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10/23 Buildings Meeting Minutes

Nadja running the meeting. All participants: Celia, Corey, Julia, Val, Ethan, Taften.

  • Moldings: do they save money or is it too expensive to be added to the painting project?

  • Celia would like to know the cost savings of molding compared to painting costs without. At least one comparative analysis. If we will be saving money by putting in molding or is it cheaper to paint all later.

  • Val said later that the previous painting job for all three buildings was around $15-20k to the best of her memory (no one had the exact number).

  • A more comprehensive idea with visuals and showing the options out for the majority. Ethan: like a cartoon storyboard. Celia has a Pinterest board that shows more decorations.

  • Celia would like to motion to see a more comprehensive plan and options with pictures to compare them. (was not called to a vote officially but general consensus agreed that more plans and options be presented)

  • Nadja isn’t a fan of chair railing but would strongly prefer a top molding to break up the main wall and the ceiling.

  • The original idea was to have moldings to create space for art.

  • Julia likes the idea of the Chair rails but we isn’t sure about the idea and the extra work/cost it would require.

  • Idea of cost for moldings is about $3k, that amount is from Nadja’s Boyfriend Doug.

  • Materials at about $1200 and Labor at $2k.

  • He is available on the weekends only.

  • Painting Bids:

  • Bid #1 from Eric Jones for $29k. He will work with any paint but this includes a basic paint (not specified), for painting all three buildings, ceilings, and basement.

  • Bid #2 The man is someone Nadja knows through her mom’s boyfriend. The boyfriend owns a B&B and the painter has done a lot of work there. His bid was $16k using Behr paint, Included in bid. Basement: $3k, ceiling and main wall below top molding $13k.

  • Both bids include fixing water damage on wall in the hallway of 1811, between Units 9 and 10, and all the dings in the walls.

  • Previous painting was $15-20k

  • Current Buildings special projects budget total is $6k left for 2017. Nadja reports no other special projects in the works.

  • Nadja expressed that this meeting was only to focus on special projects, specifically the painting project and purchasing a new vacuum. She announced that she will not be covering any other Buildings concerns any longer. At this, Celia suggested a new buildings chair and would like to volunteer to be new Buildings chair and will bring this up at the next board meeting.

  • The group expressed concern over other projects that need to be completed and focused on before the painting can be done.

  • The Rain Barrel and gutter situation. The rain barrel is gone and the gutter is currently rigged up with Duct tape by Taften and Julia. Please watch out for that and let Taften or Julia know if it’s falling. This could last through winter but a more permanent solution needs to be found soon and put in place. This will be discussed at the next buildings meeting.

  • The tile in the front entryways in both 1801 and 1807.

  • With the Tile: Nadja’s bf is doing the tile. Replacing 1 tile in 1811 and replacing 2 tiles and two rows of grout in the other entryway of 1807. (Please let me know if this is correct or send over the correct details. Also, I think 1811 has problems too)

  • Project already approved by the board for up to 500 dollars.

  • Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

  • Decide on a vacuum through the website forum and bring it to the meeting on Nov. 20th.

  • Commercial/Industrial backpack vacuum preferred by those of us doing vacuuming.

  • All in attendance, except Nadja, do not want to go forward with this project as is and would like more options and ideas seen before deciding tonight.

  • Nadja would like to have ideas put up on the website and discussions need to happen. Discussion needs to happen before the next meeting. Possible meeting in November. Celia: too short of time. If we can discuss ideas on the forum and vote online. Have virtual boards online and then maybe physical boards. Then come to a more concise decision.

  • 2 or 3 options of design for the community to decide on.

  • Paint colors for the walls also needs to be discussed.

  • Do we have one color for all three buildings or one color per building?

  • Moldings: Yes or No and where?

Next meeting will be on Nov 20th at 6pm.

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