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Notes From July 1st Marketing & Membership Committee Meeting

Meeting & Event Notices (Topic Submission from Nadja G.)-

Nadja talked about wanting direct membership email notifications of meetings to continue and become part of the revised Committee Structure and Protocol that the M&M Committee is working on. She does not want to have to log in to the Cityview website to look for updates and meeting schedules. She expressed her interest in working with the revision work group.

National Night Out-

No volunteers have yet come forward to work on planning or hosting an NNO event. Mark will reach out to recruit volunteer(s), emphasizing that any event we have will depend on membership participation. The annual campaign will be observed on Tuesday August 1st this year.

Cityview Website-

Since the Website Task Force is involved in tweaking and refining our website, discussion centered on ideas to make the site more user friendly. For example, changing names of some pages and switching around some pages and subpages. All input will be passed on to Thomas and the task force.

“Cityview Spotlight” pilot project-

  • To increase awareness of our website features, and alert our membership to upcoming co-op events and activities without lots of individual emails, the M&M Committee will send out a very brief weekly email highlighting the upcoming week’s co-op meetings & activities.

  • Same "subject" description in every Cityview Spotlight email. Ex: “Cityview Spotlight for July 10th-July 17th”

  • Email will come from M&M Committee gmail address

  • Links to Cityview website sources of information will be included

  • Spotlight will be sent out Friday with information regarding the upcoming work week and weekend.

  • This is a pilot effort which we will evaluate after a few weeks.

  • First Cityview Spotlight email July 14th

Online Membership Application-

Discussion regarding how best to make our new membership application available online for prospective buyers. Mark is going to check out methods and templates suggested by Julia

Agenda topics for ongoing projects that we did not get to-

  • Develope a Cityview “Code of Conduct” (Drafts of most recent efforts can be found posted on the M&M Committee page of our website under the PARTICIPATE tab).

  • Reformatting Logos from Website and Drafting Content for Cityview Corner Sign To be done in coordination with the Grounds Committee

  • Reformatting our recently revised Membership Application as an online interactive form

  • Co-op and Neighborhood Security

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