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June Board Meeting & Summer updates

Hi folks! Happy summer to you

The board held its monthly meeting at the end of June. The 2017 budget was approved, the hall and entryway lights project was wrapped up, and several other topics discussed. The board doesn't meet in July, so our next meeting is Tuesday August 29 @ 7 PM. Find our meeting minutes online here.

In addition, you may already have noticed newly mulched areas on the boulevards in front of our buildings. New flower beds? Nope. Designated doggie relief zones! We've noticed over the years that many of the same areas on the boulevards (mostly at the bottom of our front steps) are consistently used by our furry friends to relieve themselves. So, we've made those spots more user friendly, and hope that our co-op canines and passing guests will concentrate their efforts in those areas and spare the boulevard grass.

Thomas Bilbaugh (me!) is also taking over managing the parking roster, as well as resident lock-out duties. If you have any questions on the parking situation or if you find yourself locked in the backyard, don't hesitate to contact me! I'm around frequently.

Have you seen our Member Directory yet? Please review and check-out your information. Is this accurate? Are any details missing? Please let Thomas Bilbaugh know, and I'll happily update your details!

Upcoming Meetings (all at 7 PM):

- Website Meeting 7/13

- Finances Meeting 7/27

- August Board Meeting 8/29

You can always see our community calendar online here: Apple-friendly ICAL link, Android-friendly HTML link

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