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Saturday July 1st M&M Committee Meeting Agenda

Our agenda for this meeting may not be comprehensive and we might not get to every topic, but we will bring it in at an hour long or less. PLEASE feel free to share your comments, questions, and complaints about any of the topics we'll be covering. Or, for that matter, any membership or marketing issues!

Cityview Marketing & Membership Committee Meeting-

Saturday July 1st at 10:00 am


In deference to keeping our meetings an hour long, we’ll be moving along at a reasonable clip with project triage to prioritize our activities.

Because we have so much ongoing business, I’ll be scheduling our next M&M Committee in the middle of July, and workgroup sessions as participants determine necessary.

Topic Submission from Nadja G.

Nadja would like to discuss protocol regarding addressing and contacting the membership now that the website is up and running.

National Night Out

Recruit volunteer(s) to plan and coordinate a Cityview NNO event. The annual campaign will be observed on Tuesday August 1st this year.

Website Task Force Update

Ongoing Protocol Standardization

Of the two resolutions that the M&M Committee submitted to the Annual Membership Meeting for approval, one was approved and one was not.

  • The Communication & Conduct Protocol Policy was approved and will be taken up again by the committee to simplify the language and shorten the text.

  • The Committee Structure and Protocol Policy was not approved. The M&M Committee will revisit the issues addressed by this policy and reach out to our officers, committee leaders and membership to amend the resolution and resubmit for approval.

(Copies of both of these docs. can be found posted on the M&M Committee page of our website under the PARTICIPATE tab).

Develop a Cityview “Code of Conduct”

(Drafts of most recent efforts can be found posted on the M&M Committee page of our website under the PARTICIPATE tab).

Reformatting Logos from Website and Drafting Content for Cityview Corner Sign

  • To be done in coordination with the Grounds Committee

Reformatting our recently revised Membership Application as an online interactive form

Co-op and Neighborhood Security

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