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May news from the Grounds Committee

I wanted to update on the progress from our last meeting and to ask for some help with the planting of annuals that I purchased today .

First I got most of the plants today from Leitner's nursery, the plant sales was to complicated for one person.

I put each of the plants still in the nursery container into our pots that I had in mind while purchasing. I removed the top soil in the pots at 1811 back door and the two big planters by the large arbor. These are ready to plant and refill with fresh potting soil which is at the garden shed. The pots in at the 1801 patio, and by the 1811 front gate still need about 1/3 of the old soil removed and replaced with fresh. I have a big pot by the shed with old soil we can use elsewhere such as the planting area of the herbs on the side of 1811. Those herbs are up against the building near that area, the geraniums next to there I have ready to change over the front three pots next week. There is a hanger on the wall