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May news from the Grounds Committee

I wanted to update on the progress from our last meeting and to ask for some help with the planting of annuals that I purchased today .

First I got most of the plants today from Leitner's nursery, the plant sales was to complicated for one person.

I put each of the plants still in the nursery container into our pots that I had in mind while purchasing. I removed the top soil in the pots at 1811 back door and the two big planters by the large arbor. These are ready to plant and refill with fresh potting soil which is at the garden shed. The pots in at the 1801 patio, and by the 1811 front gate still need about 1/3 of the old soil removed and replaced with fresh. I have a big pot by the shed with old soil we can use elsewhere such as the planting area of the herbs on the side of 1811. Those herbs are up against the building near that area, the geraniums next to there I have ready to change over the front three pots next week. There is a hanger on the wall of the garden shed that probably could use a new coconut liner if anyone is near a place that could purchase one, we also need large bags for the trash/recycle of the yards, TMGW is dropping of large contractor bags for the garden containers.

I have watered all the plants today, if no one has time to do any planting these need to be watered daily. I bought a new sprinkler can it is currently by the spigot at 1811.


Weed and feed finally done today...ugh!

met with TMGW we will be getting a bids on:

1. cleaning and re-gritting between the paver stones

2. two doggy pee areas on the boulevards in front of 1807 and 1811

3. they will be replacing one astiblie and the shrub at the gate towards the dumpster these were new last year and didn't return... under garuntee.

4. boulders for the alley corner on 18th stree to deter the dumpster trucks from ruining our grass and irrigation system.

5. filling in the paper whites in the back gate behind 1807

The irrigation system is not turned on yet they come next week, included is examination of all spigots, esp. the one by the alley.

Lastly I still need information on the large grill at 1801, namely what is wrong with it, what we paid for it and if I list it how much should I list it for, I know nothing about gas grills so need some help to get rid of the thing. The other grill is from Taften and Thomas so needs for tututorils I would direct you to them I also do not know how to tell which tanks are full, or empty and how to replace I am hoping someone has that under control.

Remember there is a sign up for lawn mowing that you can just add you name right on the grounds page and added to this is a column for watering the front planters at the stoops and filling the bags of the boulevard newly planted trees. You can sign up for the week to monitor planters, the ones behind 1811 and at the patio at 1801 also need monitoring.

That is it for now, have a great weekend it looks to be glorious!


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