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Spring is springing!

At the lower end of the Grounds page you will find tasks this summer that are in need of volunteers to keep our grounds beautiful and enjoyable for all members.

The lawn mowing sheet is ready for sign up right on the page, if you are new to mowing the lawn with our easy to use electric mower, just contact Kelley F. 1811 #10 or Taftan 1811 #5 we will be happy to show you how to start it up, as well as the electric trimmer.

The other activities are ongoing needs through out the season, they are categorized with task for each, do as much or as little as you are able, more people to participate the better, if there are those interested in taking on a task for the entire season, let me know and I will update the sheet.

Other "grounds opening" activities, such as annual plant purchasing and planting will be announce as the time approaches.

Any questions or concerns please let me know,

Kelley Fredrickson 1811 unit 10

P.S. Still looking for a Co-Chair....let me know if you are interested!!

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