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Grounds: Snow Removal reminder

With winter now upon us, I wanted to review our snow removal process.

We have Master Ground works for the back parking lot for significant snowfall. They will go though once during or immediately after a snow fall and then will circle back 24-48 hours after to do a final clean up. Best to watch and keep tabs because it is always a better plow with cars removed.

As for our sidewalks, steps and paver pathways, this is rebate hour eligible. If no one completes the shoveling when Master Grounds crew come then they will do the removal at $65/hour. In order of priority the steps at the front doors and at least a pathway to the curb is important, as even a light snowfall on the steps can make these treacherous. Secondary would be the rest of the sidewalks and the back pavers.

There is ice melt available with the shovels and although we want to use sparingly a light coating on the steps is prudent. In the back shed there is a blue bucket with grit stones that can be used on the pavers if needed, as it is less harsh then ice melt.

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