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Draft Documents for Saturday 12/17 Meeting-PPOC (peer review process)

At the end of this Pet Policy draft is the final language of our Pet Policy Oversight Committee and peer review process.

Cityview Cooperative

Pet Policy and Rules


This policy establishes the rules and conditions under which a pet may be kept in Cityview Cooperative. The purpose of these rules is to establish reasonable requirements for the keeping of common household pets in order to provide a decent, safe and sanitary environment for existing and prospective members and the public, and to preserve the physical condition of Cityview Cooperative property.

Cityview Cooperative will use regulations outlined by the city of Minneapolis as a basis for its policy though does set rules above and beyond what the city offers. This policy may be amended from time to time by the Cityview Cooperative pursuant to Cityview Cooperative policy and in compliance with all relevant statutes and regulations.


A “Pet” is a domesticated animal of a species that is commonly kept within a household within the community. An animal which provides assistance, service, or support to a person with disabilities and which is needed as a reasonable accommodation to such individual with disabilities (for example, a dog to guide an individual with impaired vision or to alert an individual with impaired hearing) shall not be subject to the pet policy and conditions while in service with the disabled owner (per city ordinance). These special privileges belong only to the person who relies upon the dog. If the person with the dog is not the person in need of service then ordinary dog rules apply.


  1. Cityview allows the following domesticated animals: Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils, as well as turtles and other small non-dangerous reptiles and amphibians that are housed in aquariums.

  1. Pets of vicious or aggressive disposition deemed by the Board to be potentially harmful to the health and safety of others are prohibited. Dog breeds on the "aggressive" list include: Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Chow-Chow, Doberman, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Malamute, Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Siberian Huskie and wolf-dog hybrids.

  1. Up to three pets total are allowed per household with the following restrictions:

  2. One large pet (40 – 80 lbs*) and one small pet (up to 20 lbs*); or

  3. Two medium pets (20 – 40 lbs*); or

  4. Three small pets (up to 20 lbs*)

  5. One bird cage

  6. One aquarium no larger than 20 gallons

  • Weight is considered the standard weight of a dog breed not the weight of the specific dog – if a mixed breed, the weight of the larger breed is considered standard.

  • Service animals are not subject to breed or weight restrictions

  1. All cats and dogs must be spayed/neutered.


Member Responsibility and Liability

  1. The member shall be responsible for insuring that the rights of other members to the enjoyment of peace and quiet, health, and/or safety are not infringed upon or diminished by his/her pet's noise, odors, wastes, or other nuisance.

  1. “Pet nuisance noise” is defined as pet noise that is continuous for a period of 10 minutes or intermittent for 30 minutes or more, to the disturbance of any person, during any time of day or night.

  1. The member shall register all pets with Cityview Cooperative and shall read and sign the Cityview Cooperative Pet Policy. All existing members with pets shall also be required to register their pets with Cityvew Cooperative.

  1. The member shall be responsible for proper care of pets, including, but not limited to, flea control, inoculations and compliance with all applicable Governmental Statutes and Ordinances.

  1. The member shall keep the unit and surrounding areas free of pet odors, insect infestation, waste and litter, and maintain the unit in sanitary condition at all times. The member shall be responsible for any pet-related insect infestation and shall pay promptly, upon receipt of the bill, for all materials and/or labor used for necessary extermination.

  1. The member shall also pay promptly, and upon receipt of a bill, for the cost of all materials and/or labor for repair of any damage caused by their pet and shall hold harmless and indemnify Cityview and its officers and directors against any loss, claims or liability arising out of any act of the pet.

  1. Members with dogs are responsible to maintain liability insurance with minimum coverage of $500,000 and shall name Cityview as an additional insured. This applies to dogs residing on the property either permanently or temporarily under the responsibility of a member. Member is responsible for payment of this insurance coverage.

* This is a rider on your condo insurance. It will soon be brought to the Board to vote on requiring all members to have condo insurance, regardless of whether this pet policy is passed.

  1. Members will not flush feces or litter down the toilet. The unit-holder will be responsible for any plumbing damages incurred.

Pet Control in Common Areas

  1. The member shall be responsible for cleaning up after their pet anywhere on Cityview Cooperative property and shall carry a "pooper scooper" or disposable plastic bag any time the pet is outside the unit. Pet waste shall be bagged and disposed of in appropriate trash receptacles. A specific trash receptacle will be identified within the yard gates. This receptacle will be emptied by pet owners regularly (adjusting frequency to outdoor temperature) to keep odor at bay.

  1. Outdoor pets shall wear a collar with a tag identifying the pet and its owner, with name, address and telephone number. This tag shall be required in addition to license, rabies vaccination and any other tag required by law.

  1. The member shall keep control of his/her pet(s) at all times. When outside the unit, dogs must be supervised and controlled by leash or voice command at all times. No animal shall be tied or chained outside the unit unattended.

  1. The member shall keep his/her pet on a leash or physically restrained in all common interior spaces, including while in transit between his/her unit and the outside of the building.

  1. Pets may be off-leash only in the 1811 side yard, to minimize contact with other members as they enter and exit the buildings, if:

  1. There are no members or residents present within any outdoor common area; or

  1. Member has specific verbal approval of all members or residents present to release their pet or allow pet off-leash

  1. The member will promptly leash or physically restrain his/her pet when another member enters any outdoor common area.

  1. The yard shall not be the pet's sole recourse for exercise. Cityview strongly recommends that pet owners regularly afford their pets the wide open space of parks, etc. Please see the PPOC for a list of pet parks nearby.

Additional Pet Rules

  1. No pet is to remain unattended without proper care for an unreasonable amount of time. In instances where a pet appears to have been abandoned, the Board reserves the right to enter the unit, as in an emergency, to rescue the animal and report the matter to the Minneapolis Animal Control for its removal. If member plans to be away and is unable to obtain proper pet care, that member should approach a neighbor for assistance.

  1. The member shall be responsible for disposing of the remains of a deceased pet in accordance with applicable Governmental laws. Pet remains may not be buried on Cityview property.

  1. The member shall allow the Cityview Cooperative Board to reserve the right to inspect his/her unit if required to ensure compliance with these rules.


A copy of these rules shall be given to every member and additional copies will be available at the Cityview Co-op office.


A team of 5 members who will uphold the pet policy by listening to member concerns and complaints, gathering additional information if required and enforcing the pet policy. The members of this committee shall consist of balanced representation of membership. A quorum of 3 team members is required for a decision to be made. Committee membership will be established by a process approved by the Board.

  1. The PPOC has authority from the Board to enforce the Cityview Pet Policy and violations. If additional action is required, the team will look to the Board.

  1. All violations of this pet policy shall be dealt with as a material violation of the Occupancy Agreement and appropriate enforcement actions shall be taken.

Resolution Process:

  1. Members will direct their pet complaint to the offender within three (3) days of the incident.

  1. If satisfaction is not achieved by both parties, they will direct the issue to the PPOC, in writing, within seven (7) days of incident.

  1. Members may contest PPOC decisions by bringing the issue to the Board, in writing.

  1. If necessary, as a final step, a mediator will be brought in to resolve the situation.

Steps to Grievance Resolution:

  1. The PPOC will listen to members’ concerns and complaints, review them to determine their merit, then enforce pet policy and violations as they deem necessary.

  1. After a violation of this policy has been cited by the PPOC, a hearing will be conducted within seven (7) days. Non-response to a hearing notice within the allowed time will be viewed as an admission of violation and subject to recourse as defined by the PPOC. A request for extension may be submitted when circumstances warrant.

  1. The PPOC has seven (7) days to hold an enforcement hearing. Member has seven (7) days to appeal the PPOC’s decision.

  1. If a PPOC decision is contested and brought before the Board, the Board will determine whether the PPOC has enforced the Pet Policy as written.


  1. The PPOC will set up a more detailed level of enforcement which may include a fine structure within accordance with similar community and city/state laws. The Board will approve the fine structure and other levels of enforcement deemed appropriate by the PPOC.

  1. If the PPOC and/or the Board determines that the presence of a pet constitutes a risk of damage to Cityview Cooperative property, or creates a threat to the health and safety of any member of the public housing community, including residents, household members or guests, Cityview Cooperative may require the removal of the resident's pet within seven (7) days of resolution. Failure to comply with this notice or otherwise respond shall be deemed a violation of the resident's Occupancy Agreement. Any violation shall give rise to all appropriate remedies under the Occupancy Agreement.

  1. The PPOC shall follow up to verify that the resident has removed the pet or otherwise complied with this policy.

Any concerns or questions shall be posed to the Cityview Cooperative Pet Policy Oversight Committee

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