Draft Documents for Saturday 12/17 Meeting-"Committee Structure" Draft for Discussion

Notes from October discussions updated with some minor edits.


M&M Committee meeting notes re: Committee Structure & Organization

Committee Membership

  • Co-op members may become regular members of any committee by notifying committee chair.

  • Committee membership to be posted and updated by chair.

  • Co-op members are limited to participating as regular committee members of a maximum of two (2) committees. All co-op members are always welcome to attend every meeting, but may participate as committee members in 2 (max).

  • Requirements for membership: attendance minimum, simple sign up, volunteer hours requirement, etc.? More discussion is needed.

  • References to decisions made or actions taken by any “committee” are only legitimate when a consensus of regular committee members has been achieved with a majority of members expressing approval in person or online. Yes – RRO must be obeyed

Committee Meetings

  • A quorum of 3 members is required to conduct a committee meeting. A consensus of three committee members is needed for a committee vote or action.

  • 7 day advance notification for meetings to entire membership and 2 days for agenda. Yes – sufficient posting of it online & email to committee members

  • All meetings are open to the entire membership; chair’s discretion to qualify purpose, agenda, topics & best participants

Committee Chair

  • Convene and facilitate meetings

  • Schedule meetings & notify membership with website post of meeting time and place at least seven (7) days in advance.

  • Distribute an agenda for the meeting at least 2 (best 7) days prior to meeting on website

  • Solicit written absentee input for each meeting from all co-op members, and present all such feedback received at the meeting identifying absentee member. No anonymous input will be considered.

  • Represent committee membership to board, broader membership, co-op contractors and service providers, external groups/organizations, etc.

  • No Cityview member may claim to represent a committee unless appointed, or asked to do so, by committee chair or by majority consensus of committee members.

  • Any dispute over which committee has purview over a co-op related matter will be resolved by the board of directors.

Committee Expenditures

  • All expenditures made by members must be approved by chair

  • Committee chair may spend up to $250.00 per individual expenditure without further approval from board of directors, however all expenditures over $50.00 must be approved by consensus of committee members.

Committee Reporting

  • Monthly committee report must be presented in person at board meeting or submitted in writing to board secretary or president prior to board meeting.

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