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Buildings December update

New lights in all buildings and all levels completely installed on December 5! I've gotten feedback from several members already, mostly in favor of the brightness that the new light fixtures bring to our hallways but not all in favor of how bright it is now. At the upcoming meeting we will discuss the feedback from members to see if it's too bright and if lower wattage bulbs could work to save on electricity or if we want to leave it as is for awhile. Please reply to me and I will bring all replies to the next meeting. Please don't start a mass email thing about this ... I promise all replies will be weighed. Next item: do you have a wall in your storage unit that is crumbling? A unit has brought up the desire to repair theirs and we as a co-op need to figure out how large the problem is and what we want to do about it. Please let me know if your storage unit walls also need attention. This way we know the scope of the problem. The upcoming meeting will be the first meeting to discuss this and I'm sure at least one more will be needed, again depending on the scope of the problem. Third: winter is here and we're looking for volunteers to help with the shoveling! The public sidewalks and our parking lot are taken care of by a service we pay for if there is over two inches of snow but the front steps and inside the fence walking paths need volunteers to help keep clear. There is a snow blower in the garden shed. The front steps are particularly important to get to right away to keep clear and ice free so that nobody slips either coming or going! Shovels are by each door, as is salt. Please help if you can! Let's keep everyone safe!