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Ground Committee - 2016 Year-End Update

As the season winds down just a few reminders, there are still rebate hours available now and during the winter months. Currently we can continue to do leaf mulching and pick up although much of this has been completed already, thanks to some key member participation.

Our lawn furniture needs to be covered, I know the furniture behind 1801 gets used by members during the winter and this was left uncovered last year, which is fine. We usually do cover the furniture on the south lawn, it can be gathered under the arbor and there are tarps and bungee cords in the garden shed. the table by the fire put can remain there and covered as well.

At sometime I believe winter will be upon us and snow removal is another rebate hour available task. We have shovels and snow blowers. For new members Doug will place necessary tools at front and back doors. If there are large enough snows to use the snow blowers, Doug would be most appreciative for help and to show anyone interested the operation of the snow blowers. If members do not remove the snow then we hire this out at a much higher fee with The Masters Groundwork.

Thanks for all your help in keeping our grounds spectacular! I would just like to thank all who participated in maintaining and improving our beautiful grounds this season. We saved considerable amount of money due to our member participation, especially regarding the lawn. We finally achieved out walk paths, and parking lot completion. Did some shrub replacement and started our plan for our front landscape area for 2017. With our Spring bulbs already in place for a beautiful start to next season.

I could not have done this without all of you and I thank you, Kelley!

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