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Communication & Conduct Protocol *DRAFT*

Here are the introduction and objective portions of a new Communications & Conduct Protocol the M&M Committee has been working on. You can find the complete DRAFT document on the Archives page, under Committee Notes & Reports>Membership & Marketing.

Cityview Cooperative Communication & Conduct Policy

Last edited July 16, 2016


  • The Objective for this document is to ensure the Cityview Community is built on a foundation of respectful communication;

  • It is the Responsibility of every member or individually resolve with other members to conduct themselves respectfully at all times, using informal communications means to individually resolve disputes and issues with other residents;

  • Retaliation is, of course, prohibited against these members;

  • Respectful behavior can’t happen 100% of the time, though all residents should strive for it -- as a result, there are both Informal and Formal means of resolving issues and disputes respectfully without disruption.


Cityview Cooperative is committed to fostering respectful and constructive verbal and written communication between members, residents and guests.. Respect for one another is fundamental to living collaboratively in an effective, efficient and peaceful manner. Disrespectful written communications and behavior can disrupt the well being and peaceful enjoyment of the premises guaranteed by the Cityview Occupancy Agreement. t Therefore, it is the intent of the Membership & Marketing Committee to propose the following Communication Policy. This is to:

  • Promote a respectful environment for all community members,, and a private and public environment free of disrespectful or abusive verbal and written communications and

  • Provide effective and non-retaliatory problem-solving processes that address concerns regarding such communications.

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