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Upcoming Buildings Committee Meeting & light fixture input

Please read this all the way down to the end!! It's important!! There will be a buildings committee meeting on Sunday October 23rd at 4pm. Agenda items are to determine the new lighting fixtures for the buildings, pick a counter top for the community room cabinets, and discuss further improvement projects and updates to our buildings so that we can start a buildings budget for next year. And PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL about your preference for new lighting fixtures for the co-op. We narrowed the choices down to 2 different styles. There are two of each. The IKEA fixture (glass with the steel band around it) is placed directly outside the community room in the 1807 basement and another one is placed in the 1811 building on the second floor outside Dal's unit (I can't remember the unit number, but it's the one in the southeast corner). The Lowe's light fixture (glass with the 3 bronze clips) is also placed in the 1811 building on the second floor in the front of the building (outside Thomas and Taften's unit and Corey's unit) and in the hallway leading into the 1807 building. Things that might aid in making a fully informed decision: The IKEA fixture is a one bulb fixture, the LOWE'S fixture can hold two bulbs (but for display has only one bulb). The IKEA fixture is not as deep (terminology??) which means it would probably work better with the lower clearance in the basement. Right now the light bulbs that are in place I believe are a LED bulb that uses 7.5 watts and generates approximately equivalent to a 60 watt bulb. Higher wattage bulbs could conceivably be used if you wanted more light (for instance if you chose the IKEA fixture but were worried that it only has one bulb instead of two). You can choose a different fixture for the basement and the upper levels if you wish. I will bring all responses to the meeting and we will discuss it then and bring the decision to the board meeting at the end of this month.

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