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New hallway lights

Dear Cityview Neighbors,

Four new lights have been installed in the hallways. One is by the Community room near the 1807 laundry room. The other three are in the second floor hallway of 1811, one of the old light fixtures has been left in place in that hallway to provide a comparison.

Two different styles of light fixtures have been used. Three of the lights have 7.5 watt LED bulbs that are brighter than our current lights and use 17% less energy. Thelight between 1811 #5 and #6 has a 10 watt LED bulb, is really bright and uses 12% more energy.

All of the bulbs used are full spectrum daylight bulbs.

I recommend that we go with the fixture that is in the 1807 basement, and between 1811 #7 and 1811 #8 with the 7.5 watt full spectrum lights. These fixtures were easy to source and the other fixtures presented some problems sourcing. Using the 7.5 watt bulbs help us to further reduce our carbon foot print. This would be for the common area hallways both upstairs and in the basement, but not the entryways.

Please stop over and take a look at these lights and let us know what you think. I am hoping the a decision can be made at Tuesday’s board meeting.

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