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The website project plan

Cityview Cooperative

Website Update Plan

Project Plan

  • Discovery - 2 meetings

  • Intending on finalizing scope, making decisions on architecture, tools, setup and configuration

  • Most important meetings -- create plan and then next step is execute that plan

  • Strongly recommend board members attend; final Discovery meeting should coincide with presenting final plan to board for approval to implement

  • Create new SocialGo Pro site to click through for next meeting

  • Create new SquareSpace site to click through for next meeting

  • Implementation - 2 update-focused meeting

  • Would welcome additional volunteers for implementation

  • Literal setting up of accounts, domains, software on hosting; happy to organize work however others would like

  • This includes also writing fresh content about us, gathering anecdotes and stories we want to share publically, and photography content and materials

  • Also gathering any existing archival material for internal site and uploading those to new Google Drive

  • Board approval - 1 meeting - 8/30

  • Answer board questions, seek approval to execute

  • Targeting the June board meeting

  • Internal website team meeting - 1-2 meetings - 9/8

  • Re-discuss and analyze any issues from board approval (concerns, changes, modifications, etc)

  • Re-finalize solution

  • Testing - 1 meeting - 9/24

  • Invite board & all members for an open-house, bring your laptop and click around!

  • Goal is to break everything -- so it doesn’t break later

  • Coordinated by myself & implementation crew

  • Go-Live - 10/8

  • Site goes live on 10/8


Existing: External site:

Internal site: CityStew -

External site

Recommended tools: Wordpress (~$12/month), Squarespace (9-18$/month)

  • Menu throughout the site/breadcrumbs lead back to Home

  • Home

  • Flashy landing site with video? At least photography (extensive) of the buildings and units

  • Domain URL (,,, etc)

  • About Us

  • Photos

  • Social Media links

  • Members (link leads to Internal site)

  • Contact Us

  • Form that brings email to internal database

Internal site

Cubetree, JAM, Sharepoint, Wordpress, Nextdoor, Wix, SocialGo, Squarespace?, Socialtext

Agreed that Internal site should be immediate focus and setup

Prefer all residents to have access -- residents all access, members certain documents, board members all docs, Prez & Secretary own documents

  • Home page for internal members, Facebook-style

  • Group-only: post updates, post polls & links to content in Google

  • Broader neighborhood: coordinate with neighbors, other cooperatives, communities

  • Shared Calendar - supports Group-only or community-wide event sharing

  • Available rebate jobs & activities available and planned

  • Profile with details & contact information about a given member(s)

  • Subscription capabilities could include SMS messaging

  • Individual committee forums

  • Ability to sign up for each forum, post messages and threads

  • Shared Drive - via Google Accounts, linked primarily through President & Secretary account

  • Intended to share and hold all documents

  • Forms

  • Past meeting minutes

  • Past budgets

  • Past committee meeting notes

  • Grounds map

  • Directory

  • Ties back to Communication Protocol - approved methods (preferable email, phone next, written last) to contact units within the complex

  • Pet directory!

Available rebate jobs -- sign up for jobs , report on jobs worked


Comittees, subgroups

Forums -- subscription to specific groups and teams

Setup of role-based emails for board roles and committees

Integrations with Social Media

  • NextDoor

  • Strong new website for urban coordination and collaboration

  • Growing rapidly; Ventura Village is a very quiet community presently, could use a loud voice like us!

  • Facebook

  • Creation of CityView Cooperative Facebook page & content

  • LinkedIn

  • Creation of CityView Cooperative LinkedIn page

  • Recommend we lift/re-use content for consistency & ease of setup

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