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Finance Committee Meeting Minute, April 17 2018

Finance Committee Meeting -- 04/17/18

Drew, Julia, Corey, Mike, Thomas, Celia in attendance

Edward Jones Guest speaker! Edward Jones Financial Advisor - Tenner Stoe

  • Current assets:

  • $15.3k cash

  • One BMO Harris Bank CD @ 1.05%; worth $5k

  • 2,520 @ $13.69 (total worth $34.6k)

  • Total Assets? $54,991.97

  • Re Edward Jones: How do we invest the above assets?

  • Specifically cash, but, should we make any other adjustments to other investments?

  • How long do we want to hold it?

  • When do we expect to need it?

  • Proposal: Put our cash assets into a 3-month CD for the time being; Finance Committee to re-assess in a quarter's time

  • CD layering/stacking: Don't need to buy into a single term; can buy multiple stages so the money comes due at different dates

  • Tenner's contact is Drew; Tenner will contact Drew 4/18/18 to confirm the 3 month CD

  • $5k coming due in May; defer to the May Finance meeting

  • Next meeting: Consider goals and performance discussion for the Committee meeting?

Budget 2018

  • Budget document shared with the team; no major changes or alterations since last meeting

  • Finalizing some budget line-items with Lee; total less than $1k to be fixed

  • Seeking approval from the board on 4/24/18 on numbers

Members in Arrears

  • Provide example payment plan to folks that are in arrears

  • Exactly what data is needed from them to be in compliance? When, and how?

  • Reminder: Must be minimum carrying charges + % past amount owed referenced in payment plan

  • Otherwise, CVC must work to excersize of Section 9 from Bylaws

  • What is the housing law in regards to cooperatives; eviction rules around cooperatives? --Thomas & Corey to reach out to our attorney by 4/24

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