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April Buildings Meeting Minutes

Buildings Committee Meeting Minutes

April 10th, 2018

7 - 8:00 PM

In attendance: DA, CSG, NG, TDB

  • New Business: NG would like a list of community room rules posted. There have been multiple times of food waste being left and we don’t want pests to come. She has a list and will be typing it up and asking for committee approval and then board approval to post the rules in the community room.

  • Discussion of reserving the community room, All reservations should go through the secretary or Buildings chair email. We will then post the times when the room is blocked off on the website calendar.

  • Trim back of 1811/1807 basement coming off

  • There is a piece of trim stuck on the carpet near the archive door.

  • Maybe tack it to the wall? If it’s going to be reattached with glue then the old glue needs to be scraped off and new glue would need to be applied.

  • Spring Carpet Cleaning: scheduled for April 27th, we don’t have roto rooter scheduled and are not able to schedule it because no key to the furnace room door.

  • Notice has been sent to the membership on April 10th

  • Railing repair 1801: front railing into cement.

  • Railings/front steps for all three buildings: they don’t seem functional, they seem more decorative.

  • NG - brings up concerns about the building being out of code. Also, cracks in the steps need to be fixed

  • Look into fixing cement stairs - talk with contractors.

  • Get bids for the rails, for stairs repair, for full replacement. Start there and see what all is required.

  • Light bulbs:

  • I am making the signs

  • 2nd floor of 1807. Contact Terry, Rozlyn, Megan, Alex, Doug, Drew: Email a poll of Light watt preference and put forum post. See what the people want.

  • One sign for the 65 (9) watt bulbs and one for the 100 (14) watt bulbs.

  • In 1801, lights need to changed. One or two.

  • Rotorooter:

  • I have no keys to the furnace/water heater room, so I am unable to schedule this.

  • Laundry Machines:

  • Valves- all have been replaced and water hammer arrestors have been added also (without us being notified prior to the work but they are code required.

  • 2 washing machines in 1807, F20 error code - has been fixed and the BDS repair person has given me instructions for how to fix this issue. Notes are going in the google account for board and future buildings chairs to have access to.

  • Risers for the washers and dryers. Maybe have a board coming out to rest the laundry basket on so people don’t have to put things on top or on the floor.

  • DA - On some at least, but not all

  • CSG - Yes for all in 1811, some in 1807 (if residents there want them)

  • NG - would prefer none in 1807

  • CG - in favor on forum

  • MJ - in favor on forum

  • JR - in favor on forum

  • Trash Problem and junk removal: a wonderful example of a member taking care of the issue themselves:

  • Thank you CG!!!!!

  • Rain barrel replacement - volunteers?

  • CSG - Building Insurance information has been updated with the insurance company and new policy documents are on their way.

  • Next meeting: May 8th at 7pm, I would like to hold 2 meetings in June to have an alternate time for people to come.

To Do list for Buildings (volunteer workers please help on this list):

*Contact Alan about $10 bill from frattallone's ace hardware, we need him to pay that. -Done 4.10.18

*Roto rooter video inspection to be scheduled to address drain repeatedly being backed up.

*Carpet cleaning to be scheduled after roto rooter visit. (Had to be scheduled for spring cleaning 4.27.18)

*Railing repair at 1801, front railing into cement. Look into new railings.

*Rain barrel Removal: ASAP

Laundry Room risers for washers and dryers.

Trans Alarm - Instructional Videos & materials need to be completed.

Fence door locks having issues in winter (need a permanent fix)

Signs in closet/website for replacement bulbs.

Gutter repair - Estimate for any repair. Look into heating elements for gutter in back of 1811.

Carpeting project: start getting estimates for total cost of project.

Hot water heater maintenance, I might have access to this room with extra keys in the office.

CityView Business sign: update old # to new website.

To help out with any of these projects, please contact the Buildings Committee Chair at

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