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AGENDA: Sat. Dec. 9th M&M Meeting

Cityview Marketing & Membership Committee Meeting Agenda

Saturday December 9th at 10:00 am


In deference to keeping our meetings less than an hour long, we’ll be moving at a reasonable clip with project triage to prioritize our activities.

Agenda Submission-Nadja

Minimum notice for membership applicant interviews.

New Workgroup

Because the last two meetings have been postponed and we have so much ongoing business, I’m recommending we create a workgroup (sub-committee), called the Protocol Standardization Workgroup to allow interested members to work together online, and outside of, M&M Committee meetings on revisions to the two policy/protocol documents we’ve been working on.

Website Task Force Update

Reformatting Logos from Website and Drafting Content for Cityview Corner Sign

  • To be done in coordination with the Grounds Committee

Cityview Informational Meetings

Discuss organizing a series of meetings with experts about Cityview systems and logistics. In the past, some ideas have included:

  • Meeting with Co-op insurance agent to explain policy and answer questions

  • Meeting with fire alarm rep to explain tech panels and answer questions

  • Meeting with designer of wastewater drainage system to explain how it works and answer questions

  • Meeting with Realtor who sold last few units to describe the selling process and answer questions

  • Meeting with WiFi rep to explain our system and answer questions

Revisions to “Welcome to Cityview” Packet

Developing Cityview “Code of Conduct”


Examples of Cityview Logos: drafts used over last couple of years

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